Thinking about switching my squad up

My current lineup is this, I’m debating selling all the sellable people (not rose or lou) and making one big PD buy and filling the squad with cheap diamond amy ruby around them. 1 because I want to try a new super powered PD and 2 because end of the year I’m not getting PD anyways and I really want a unique team I can scrape a win with every once in a while. So Who should my big buy be and what cheaper cards should be around them based on what i can get for what I have here and 40k extra?

You could keep wilt penny and cousins and sell the rest n have about 270k (including your 40k) and then decide from there who your superstar would be, and fill in the rest with amethysts like Dr j and Pippen

what cards sit at that amount price wise?

I’m going off what 2kmtc values your squad at which is 381k

I meant who could I afford at the amount I would have? Potential big money PDs

KD or AD would probably be good choices, KD was under 200k the other day, not sure if he still is and AD has dropped in value aswell. You might be able too get both if you sell everything, then you can fill with rubies