Thinking about selling Giannis what kind of return should I expect? pd4

Obviously he an amazing card. but I want to stack some mt for the upcoming Anniversary cards. My Giannis is fully badged with a contract and a white Kobe ad. I’m on ps4.

300k +


I saw some go for 330 today but I’ll hold on til he goes 380-400 i guess he’ll get there in a week or two hopefully

Sold mine on XB 3 days ago…diamond Kyrie 4’s & contract. Got 351k

Wow prices went up. I bought mine with diamond contract and LeBron foams for 270 a few days ago.

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Got mine with some diamond shoe no name for 305k

price has gone up, but it makes sense coz today the 2nd code for the PD’s expired so the supply wont rise anymore

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