Thinking about mixing up my lineup

So at this rate I’m not going 12-0, been close 3 times at 11-0 twice and 10-0 but it’s some serious stress, what are some players for fun I should run just to have some fun games, I have 1950 cards so I have options lol

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What is your current line up bro?

I ran this team last night and won lol what a challenge it was tho. Was up 57-43 by the 3rd before he quit lol doug christie with 20

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Totally depends how u play tho. Fun to me is okayers u like. If i want fun, ill play baron/clyde/melo/kemp/mutombo. Love jamming it down on ppl

Current lineup is magic ray melo ak mutumbo, bench pistol Pete manu pd Paul pierce timmy eaton

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That squad looks like fun tbh

By next weekend I’ll have worthy and Webber tho… lol


Yeah i got webber and wilt in my team and its fun as fk. Webber at the 3 is amazing

Any help tips about heatchecks?

Be pacient the expensive ones that are like 20k will randomly show up every now and then for 5-8k

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Thank you man! Copy That! And where do you usually grind tokens?

Domination number one

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I have done everything aside from schedules and currently Board 7 at TTO Offline.

Lock in heat checks and waste your mt or grind hours and hours of tto. I went with locking in heat checks. I aint got time to grind TTo and get frustrated lol

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I need about 1000 tokens. If I lock HC and some throwbacks that would be about 800 tokens.

200 more tokens to grind :sweat::sweat::sweat:

U runing trash kat westbrook slow harden release meh lanier… plz tell me not squad

None of those. Dont know why u would think i would run russell west brick brick.

Damn, well u gotta hope for token codes then but atleast youll be close to webber and nearly wilt/worthy from all that.

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Yes man 200 more tokens. How did you guys got so many tokens without TTO

Ive been playing since launch and only wasted 30 tokens on those token packs. Thats it. Rest ive just been pkaying here and there and getting it from codes. The last 50 tokens i grinded tto offline cuz i wasnt getting anymore boards with tokens -.-

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