Thinking about coming back

Huge MyTeam playing in 2k17 and 2k18. Haven’t played this year yet. The blow by cheese drove me away last spring and I’ve been play The Show since.

What’s different about MyTeam this year? The good? the bad?

The Good - Nothing.
The Bad - Same old shit as last year.

Don’t do it. Stay away


When the game first came out, it was a 180 degree turn from what 2K18 was… fast forward to today, and it’s maybe .000001% different than last year. It sucks now. Stay away if you can. The release of Magic and Kobe have made the game fun for me again, but I can only deal with so much online lag and constant P&R spamming before I become either pissed or bored with the repetition.

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I thoroughly enjoy 2K this year. Defense, offense, and gameplay all seem better, but equalizer is still in full effect. As a fan of basketball itself, I still find myself pouring time into the game.

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It’s better than last year, but the 3 cheese is real.

It’s definitely better than last year, but don’t be surprised if you run into excessive exploits at this stage of the game. If played as basketball is intended to be played, the game is great and can be beautiful. Unfortunately at this stage it’s out of position at pg, off ball to the point you’re not even playing a user controlled person and pnr zig zag. The pnr is surmountable, but the offball defense can be a bitch depending on who you are playing. Take it for what it is and you may enjoy it.

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You made it til spring in 2k18??! Damn, you’re Hardcore!! Its not as bad as most people make it out to be. Seriously, if you made it til spring last year this will seems like a stroll through heaven…
Enjoy it while it lasts, all indication point towards 2k18 revisited at the Moment.

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