Thinking about a change

Hi 2kgamers,
i had 500k until 2 days yesterday and, dont ask me why, i dropped 100k on packs - without getting shit.
now im thinking about dropping 200k on another beast + diamond contract.

looking at my lineup, does anyone have any suggestions?

thank you!

Buy D wade and sell Brodie
Upgrade to 97 Lbj so he can shoot threes
Sell Donovan
Buy demar,he is just a bigger Donovan mitchell
Get another C and move Jokic at Pf if you like him there

You should wait until the new promo drops. It’s not long now and you’ll get more bang for your buck.

I am uncomfortable seeing Sabonis at pf, especially next to Jokic. I feel you should wait and see if maybe someone like AD drops a bit in price

ty for your suggestions
i will have a look at d wades price and also d rose diamond.
is the upgrade to the 97 lbj really worth it? i saw him go for 180k while mine hovers around 80-85k. Is it really needed that much since almost anybody else can shoot the 3?

i will have a closer look at demar, i tried his ami and really liked him. his release is butter and his 3 point seems better than his stats suggest.

center wise i tried diamond boogie, diamond kareem(lucky pull and sold him the first day he came out), ruby embid, whiteside, even larry sanders and dragan bender.

DNA2K is right,you need to have someone to grab boards and dunks at everyine in his way.
Some suggestions are D Cuz,Amy Drummond,Dwight,Wilt the stilt,and Kaj Amy with Rebound and dunking shoe

hi, ty for your response.

after completing all dominations, losing at pack & playoffs, losing sm(im silver league lol), i focused on sniping.
AD would be an option but that card is still hella expensive

i forgot about amy drummond, i got him for 7k and never really tried him.
i could try pairing him up with sabo/jokic on the 4 i think

Id say Buy Lbj with Red kyries.l,and you should really buy Demar hes my favorite card even if im a raptors hater,he is the best card on my lineup and my lineup includes of t mac,Kd,and PD harden

is he running your point?
i feel like putting good cards on sg is kind of a waste unless those cards are elite defenders

Another thing is get rid of 2 cards in the bench to get less salary cap.if you dont like isaiah you should sell him,he hasnt seen a minute in my team

i love isiah! that card hits everything with a little space! he is one of my favorite cards tbh

I think Sf is the worst spot to out cards in.they dont really get the ball much because they wont get to the basket in P&R and they also only shoot middys,Thats why i run Lbj at Pf

If you dont want to get rid of IT then you should evaluate who is the less important piece in your lineup

thats true. maybe i should build smaller with lbj on pf with a monster rebounder on the 5.

regarding the kyries on lbj. my problem with lbj is his release. it just looks and feels weird and even with 99 in stats i dont think i could green it consistently.
same goes for a lot of elite cards, i just hate their animations and would rather run a ruby than pd with shit animations

If you drive with lebron then you dont need the should really play lbj at pf

i will try, thank you !