Think we will get Promo notes at any point today?

Expecting this promo to drop at some point between 12-2 EST time. Surprised we haven’t seen any promo notes at this point

Weird isn’t it?

For Clutch Closers, we didn’t receive information until the previous packs had expired. Gave us an hour in between when the information dropped versus the actual packs dropped.

Interesting. Clutch Closers was probably the best promo too. Maybe we get something special this time too. One last hurra to make people empty their wallets :rofl:


I agree, Hakeem, Durant, West, and Hondo made for the best release so far, and most worthwhile reward since PG13 (IMO). I am hoping Giannis is the reward so I don’t have to lock that fucker in order to obtain, let’s say, a reward of PD Wilt or Curry.


I use Hakeem, Durant, West, and PG13. I’m hoping this promo is more than just Giannis. Maybe they’ll do a Diamond Simmons and really fuck SuperSweat! :slight_smile:

Only card I’m prepared to drop a good amount of MT on is diamond Embiid

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I’d love a diamond Embiid. He might make me replace Marc Gasol. Who is pretty godly in this game.

If he drops I reckon it be a duo with Amy Simmons. Which will make him a diamond but not as good as his ROTY one to come tho

How is Marc for you? I usually like running him on my squads, since 2K16 at least.

I was a big fan of him last year myteam. This year he seemed a little slower to me and I couldn’t get his shot off like I would’ve liked. Still a very nice card. Defense is great. Just sold him while he was still going for over 100k

Yeah, I haven’t spent money on this game yet but I promise if a goddamn diamond embiid is in the set I’m gonna be packing like a madman.

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I’m with you bro!!! That’s my missing piece… this is the only card that’s left on my list and I’ve been waiting for a long time for a diamond Embiid

Marc’s shot is slow, but usually he’s wide open when he has to shoot. He hits it very well and he grabs offensive boards like a beast. I’m very happy with him. I’m already starting him over Kareem. Kareem gets lost a lot on defense and strangely averages less offensive boards than Marc and Hakeem!

For some reason my Rashard Lewis grabs more boards than TD or DRob. I feel like rebounding stats are useless. Even RWB grabs more boards than my bigs.

That’s crazy. I have no explanation for that except 2K’s gunna 2K.

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Are you setting your team to crash boards? Also are you playing 5 out or shooting a ton of 3s? Those tend to make long rebounds and get out the range of the bigs. I routinely get double digit rebounds with shaq and Hakeem even during the same game I play them on opposite shifts. I also switch to my c or pf after I ahoot to manually grab boards

How do you think Embiid will compare to KAJ/Hakeem? I’d love to find a way to get Embiid into my lineup, maybe even sliding Hakeem to the 4 to do so.

I don’t see how he isn’t right there with them. With the badges he’ll get. Shooting badges. The shooting stats. He literally does it all except gets the assists like that. So if he gets a diamond it’ll be a 96 or up. I have KAT and in my opinion he’s the best center in the game, and I think Embiid will be right there with him

They might keep him lower to give them room to add more stats on the longshot chance he wins DPOY and they have to give him another card.