THINGS youd rather do instead of watching WNBA. I'll start

  1. Get crucified
  2. Get a visit by the gimp from Pulp Fiction
  3. Walk barefoot over a catfish barb graveyard.



Check out Skylar diggins and Elena delladone igs

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Play 2k



Rather watch the WNBA than read this dumb ass thread


I love the WNBA. Don’t be sexist bro it’s 2019


Watch the Democratic Party presidential debates with 5000 candidates


Since its 2019, does that mean the quality of basketball in the WNBA is now better?

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I admit I dont watch or care about the WNBA, but why go out of your way to denigrate it?


Watch paint dry… Nah those girls got some skill though.

i love the WNBA, its a big money maker for me… i even got the season pass for only 16.99/yr

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Get socked in the nuts (it’s a joke… maybe)

Does the wnba have male cheerleaders or how does that work?

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Want to see some female athletes though check this shit out, bigger hits then the men’s games.

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How many of yall have ACTUALLY tried watching an wnba game tho .?

I’ll say this. I’d rather watch a WNBA game than watch a 2k league game. So they have that going for them at least.

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Yes. Maya Moore and Candace Parker forever

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I will also say, if women were overall as big of sports fans as men are then I think their sports would get a lot more viewership.

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I thought I was the only one watching that rn lol

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CYNTHIA cooper and CHERYL swoops were big ballers. Then it just went to hell.