They have no respect about users who have played continuously throughout all the year

Someone may be happy, but somebody else feels lost.
What do you think?

I understand your feeling. But I assume any game with a 40week lifespan is going to be similar.


I do understand you, but on the other hand, we played all year long, new users have like what? 2 month maximum and then it’s 2K20

The fun thing in this game is not to have the biggest godsquad. It’s to grind from emerald and rubies to our actual godsquad. I can tell how good a card is because I’ve played all year long. New players get everything but they didn’t enjoyed the game the way we did


When you have everything easily, you’re not happy

When you work hard for something, when you take alot of time to grind it, they day you’re rewarded, it’s a very satisfying feeling. When everything you want is handed to you, nothing has much value.


What are you referring to exactly? Grinders stacked tokens, had Wilt and Worthy first, got Giannis, then they got 3k tokens, Nothing wrong with having all these cards be available to everyone.

Now the real game can begin because no team will be handicapped or over matched. I’ve been playing since February and this crash feels like a reward. I deserve these cards for the stuff I put up with lol. Servers, lag, auction house, terrible locker codes, slow drip of players etc this is our reward lol


One thing that is unfair is that the reward cards dont get duos when they should. That gives grinders atleast a slight leverage.


Yea. Why wouldn’t they do that with Joel and Simmons, I’d ppl would unlock Joel for that


Basically how I feel after going 12-0. My sweat glands are dry, and I’m left with a card that is typically underwhelming. But I can say I busted my ass to earn it.


I don’t mind it

At this point most cheese is know, you should have some counters

I actually run similar players as long as I can through the cycle, so I figure there is an advantage on familiarity

now it comes down to who is better most of the time

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I think now that you know that all the cards will lose their value in the Summer, adjust your purchasing decisions accordingly. Don’t go trying to get every Pink Diamond and Galaxy Opal. Just focus on getting the players you need for your team.

Idk, I’m ok with it. Not everyone is going to have GO Giannis, Shaq and Limited Jordan. I attribute that to grinding from day 1 and I was able to play with opals early in the cycle.

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The way I like to think of it is, the Cards you get early on are going to help you get the stuff you need like Tokens and MT, so once they lose their value, you cannot get mad because those cards were needed to help you acquire more tokens and MT

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I’m gonna guess OP is in his first MyTeam and probably locked some collections. Every year new users make this realization and it upsets everyone at some point. Most of us though have already gone through this phase and don’t get burned twice. I have locked a total of 3 collections now in the last 2 years. I know dudes on here that had 3 collection done on day 1 of the game this year. Stupid. This allows me to not only get my money back, but to actually profit from the amount of money I put into the game. At the end of the year when you made more than you spent on the game, you can’t have these feelings OP.


All you really need in MyTeam is about 10 really good cards. Some people have like 30 Galaxy Opals. U don’t need that many cards to put on a team

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LIFE. @MagicJ

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I think people watch the Youtubers and fall into the trap of opening packs every time a new card comes out, but those Youtubers do that because they have to make new content every day to keep their channel going

Everybody eats

I learned my lesson, I’m not spending my money opening packs until I see some real heat

People take this game WAY too serious.
This is not bank savings.
The cycle is closing, why wouldint you be ok with everyone enjoying it?
Are you related to scrooge Mcduck ?
This is main artificial problems with this community (2k in general, not this forum), they don’t care if gameplay trash, errors on every right corner and customer support non existent, they will rather emotionally invest into digital card and got forbid its looks (wrong hair lol). Instead going at 2k with how bad other stuff is.

Stuff like this also repeats itself every year, learn to emotionally adjust instead repeating same “problems”.
Also i always chuckle when people say they hate overpowered cards and then cry how 2k released some underpowered cards, like how they dare to do it, make your mind.


@Knezius LIFE. He may not be but Im sure I am Scrooge SR