They finally gave my boy what he deserves

Im glad to see diamond Pau after him getting robbed last yr. Card looks beautiful, hope it’s affordable.

I am definitely thinking about playing him instead of Hakeem off the bench. Shame about the passing though.

I might replace Jokic at PF with him. I gotta see how his price ends up.

That 60 lateral quickness makes it a nope for me

Personally don’t think Pau is better than Jokic

ill have to look at him and the other cards better. just took a quick look and he looked fairly juiced. just happy he got a diamond, it was criminal that he didnt last yr.

I’ve been waiting for this card all year long. Amy Pau was a Grizzlies card and I expected this Lakers diamond, too bad they release it so late in the season.
Hopefully that will make him cheaper, I would like to replace Kemp with Pau in my starting 5.

DI Pau looks pretty nice, but at least at the 4, Jokic seems like he would work better.