They Close to getting me. Limited Time offer for 1.99 on PS Store?

I’m seeing the offer for 1.99$ for 10k vc , 5k mt , and a couple packs.

2 bucks wouldnt hurt so I’m thinking about getting it. Havent brought stuff for 2k in years, and when I go to offer in myTeam menu, the link sends me to PS Store and shows me that I’m purchasing the 5k vc for 1.99 and not the actual “Limited Time Offer” product/package that I want.

Is this just another one of 2K’s infamous false advertisement things or is this link sending me to the right place?

Thanks, it just that I dont buy VC and this seems kinda fishy and was wondering if anyone else has seen this offer?

PLEASE PLEASE dont do it

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I wouldn’t buy anything from them support our local sellers on this site


$2 worth of meth never hurt anyone either.


That’s how they get you next thing they drop your fav players opal and your initial 2$ becomes 200$

I appreciate y’all trying to warn me about taking the devil’s fruit :rofl: :rofl:

but, this will be it for me. I play alot but dont really think I will miss 2 bucks. Only reason I’m considering is b/c of the limited time thing.

Is anyone else seeing this offer on their games?

Just buy mt from a reliable seller

Its your money, do as you wish. Its only 2 dollars. Ive seen offers like those before but never bought anything because i was a Park guy prior to this year, i have bought VC though. The reason i dont buy MT is because i live in a country where i would get taxed for international transactions, and not many sellers would accept gift cards as payment

10k VC isn’t really worth shit, and you usually get emeralds in the pack anyway. But good luck

2$ is ~20k mt if bought here from someone. Id rather buy 20k mt than 10k vc, 5k mt and a couple injury cards.

And before you say “2$ is too low to buy mt, people only sell in intervals of 100k”, ill sell you 20k for 2 bucks.


I bought the “limited time” 19.99 offer last week, that came with bonus 20k vc, 10k mt and two trash Lights Out packs. When I selected it, it transferred me to the ps store, as per usual. It only showed the standard 75k vc as well, but I received the extras upon purchasing.

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