They behind on moments cards Hayward

Cause I bet he won’t get a diamond.


It’s good to see him hitting his stride. I want to see a drag out 7 game series between the C’s and Raps.

He always finds a way to have a sneakily good amethyst every year, so i would not be surprised to see one that has low attributes but plays well. Did he dunk at all? Or shoot threes?

4/7 on 3s. Had a couple dunks

Man cause at first I thought that injury washed him up when he couldn’t even get past old redick. He have to do it some more games. Phil not making it cause of Ben

He will be pretty solid then, probably an 85-89 three pointer with like 75 driving dunk which sounds low, but he plays much better in past years at least.

Its the injury he hasn’t full got over it in his mind u can see it when he play now.

He threw down a 2 hander I saw so he might get some dunk.

Picked him up on the waiver three weeks ago and has been a total bum on my fantasy team but he did so good today I’m so happy :heart_eyes:

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