These Yolo ballers are hard to beat. Lol

These Yolo ballers are hard to beat. Lol

Yolo ballers are people that play like they have nothing to lose, turboing to the rim and etc. I had to go to triple OT just to best these dudes, he shot 30 free throws to my 5.


Yup I hate when ppl just run to the rim it’s crazy the shit they get

Exploiting the 2K engine. And it works. Slashing is OP.

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These cheesers be like…

Cheeser flexing out their God Squad

Cheeser: “Meet me at the rim, bitch!”


This game is designed for skillless people like that.

The turbo to a step back 3 cheese

Contested 3’s are my weakness

Those bums are the worse so unpredictable lmao

Cheesers: “One more wrong move and we’ll position glitch Giannis at PG to punish you to oblivion.”

It’s called 7 seconds or less offense not “Yolo ballers” :man_shrugging:

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Thanks to 2K’s robust matchmaking system my decent team matched up against a Ruby and Amy squad. I already knew there was gonna be some bullshit going on. Ruby Rose kept getting to the rim and making contested shots over Tim Duncan (PD), Diamond Artis, Diamond Mutombo. If not makes them fouls even though I kept manually going vertical to contest.

Then the bullshit turned itself off after the first half and a bloodbath ensued, but I can’t lie was frustrated seeing very late/very early plus 90% smothered and D Rose still dropping them over my bigs.

I hear that. What kills me is when I score and my player is celebrating while his guys are running up the court full turbo and scoring with ease. Is there a way to shut off the redic celebrations?

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nope lol been like that for like 3 years maybe longer ive lost a couple of close games to that animation

This is actually how Terry Rozier plays in real life

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seriously… I fucking HATE that after I scored my players just chill, celebrate and jogg back on defense while my opponent already made a football pass and can score