These packs odds are trash and expensive!

Every pack i open was either a ruby or shappire. Barely got a diamond.

Welcome to nba2k myteam. You must be new here.


Pulled a pd !!! And it was pistol pete. :frowning: i wanted melo so fucking bad

I think this is your second such thread…take my advice and stop. It won’t get better…only worse if you keep going.

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Naw i been opening packs since 2k16 but i really been opening this year. But tye promo like this one always is high and low odds.

You’d think if you haven’t gotten shit you are bound to get something sooner or later…not on 2K.

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Not sure how many packs you opened, but this sounded funny to me.

9 singles 1 Amy 3 diamonds 1 contract 1 reddick and 1 white converse rest current shitty players

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I’m bout to go open a 20 Box

I had luck when it came to packs. Lately like the LeBron packs ,the odds was better.mostly everybody was getting the lebrons and scottie. Its nothing wrong with trying to get new players added to the its certain times the packs odds are high.

Pack value up but cards with lower tier is worth you lose. It i get that one card then it worth it.

That’s why it’s called Gambling :upside_down_face:

Opened 10 packs pulled 8 Ruby Rex Chapman and 2 sapphire Corey brewers… :roll_eyes:

So the usual then?

How much do packs cost?

10 pack box 135k VC

Like 10k Vc regular pack 15k Vc deluxe pack
10 box for 135k

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I’m talking singles

Bet. I’ma get 75k vc and rip deluxe

That’s only gonna be enough for like 5 deluxe packs but you are guaranteed a promo player