These pack odds are TRASH!

Saved up 300k VC. Purchased 60 back to back packs and all I got was:
2 iggys
2 Ben Simmons
1 luka

Not one amethyst or higher and only 3 rubies in 60 packs! This has made me want to quit



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F in the chat

Dang that’s a bummer lol time wasted

That’s tough.
Buy mt bro, don’t give those whores your money they legit scam us all.
Mt is so cheap rn.


Damn bro should have waited for friday’s drop

Buying MT is the way to go, fuck giving this company money


Every year it is the same shit with this worthless scam of a company and game mode.

They steal from people. That is their business model.

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Im glad that I saved this VC up through playing the game. I would have been even more annoyed if I actually spent money on this VC and got nothing