These are the most expensive GOLD badges

I own basically every badge in the game, just took the first step and price-checked all the gold badges. Here are the most expensive ones! Since badges are such a pain to filter for, this can help you set a price range and find what you’re looking for easier.


Not all heroes wear capes. Can you do silver badges as well


Yeah if you have these badges, now I’d sell them now while they’re expensive

Eventually I’m sure I will! :slight_smile:

Wait until HOF badges drop in the auction

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For some reason silver badges go for more than gold ones

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Harder to find

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Clutch, I’ve been putting all gold badges on the auction house for 1000mt and they all get sold for like 1600 lol

Is tight handles more valuable this year?

Dont look at me and my 20+ corner specialist badges :sweat_smile:

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Seemingly! Maybe it’s because ankle breakers are broken and currently being patched

no it seems to do shit all someone correct me if im wrong

Haven’t seen tight handles do anything this year