There should be a mute user function

I know, you can just ignore threads of someone or some topics you dont want to discuss, but damn anytime I stumble upon posts [don’t provoke/insult other members], I want to vomit.

An option, where we can mute a user, his posts will be hidden and we can just manually show them (if it is in a thread that we are interested in) would be greatly appreciated.



Thatd be nice.

I would love to get that button

It is not technically possible.

If you have an issue with someone, first consider if you simply don’t like what they’re saying, or if they are breaking guidelines for conduct:

If they are not following guidelines, then use a Flag to let mods know. If they are following guidelines but you don’t agree with what they’re saying, then feel free to disagree with them, but please attack the point they are making, and not them personally.

If you find it aggravating to interact with them, but they are not breaking rules, then try your best to ignore them.

It can be difficult, but if you actually think someone is being a troll, then the best approach is to ignore them. They want attention, whether negative or positive. And they probably want negative attention. They want to argue. There’s no point arguing with someone who is looking to have an argument.


There’s a mute thread option, but I’d like to partake in these threads without being exposed to that unnamed individual’s awful English and grammatical skills.


Yes. Mute Thread is very helpful if you come across something and OP has a premise you just think is…pointless/stupid/offensive etc. Flag if objectionable in terms of guidelines. But, otherwise…just Mute it. Then you don’t need to see it at all.

Why u trying to mute me bro

Agree 100%

But then who would I talk to? :cry:

Question Harry is it not technically possible with the way the forum is designed or something else entirely?

You got me man when I make an appearance every few days


“Unnamed illiterate”

That can only mean one person :joy:

No lie, I am sometimes baffled by his takes and his grammar can be bad

But hes living rent free in your heads. he a rando on a forum, why let that run in your mind?

I won’t get into technical details but basically there are insurmountable technical reasons.

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My time here in 2k18 I’m sure i made a lot of people think i was like him

I had a drinking problem and would come here explicitly looking to start shit for no reason

even got a short ban off of here

I liked that , now I dont

some people get a rush off that, and threads like this are the fuel they want (in my opinion)

Would love this feature

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[Don’t provoke/insult other members.]


Did you build the site or do you maintain it? Just asking bc I’m a developer and wouldn’t mind helping if needed.

I think 2Kgamer is the main guy behind it, Harrys been around since I can’t tell, but I honestly don’t know so this is just me spitballing