There should be a 18+ off topic thread

To just talk with lads about everything. Maybe there is some possibility to lock some threads by date of birth? Obviously we would have to put our DOBs here.

LMAO, the moment i see an age, i automatically think of porno sites

I dont mind an 18+ section, but I dont want it full of nudes or thirsty boys, lets find real adult shit instead of just titties and bitties

Yeah, I didnt necessarily mean it like that. Just kind of a men’s club for discussions. I think majority of people here are adults, but still, should be probably separated as there are younger guys here and there.

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I love titties…not sure what that guy is saying.


I love my titties but not when im trying to shittalk on ronnie

I dont want tits ruined by the image of ronnie

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You guys think Ronnie has ever seen titties or does he just jerk off to shoes?

Dudes Indian, or of Indian origin like me

he wasnt allowed titties, hence why the emphasis on shoes

why do you think he advertises his 50k youtube channel, where all he posts is shoes, he needs love from either us, 2k players, NBA players, or a woman

I don’t want to sound ignorant or racist, but isn’t it common for arranged marriages in your culture?

hey, ive lived 12 years then, and then 13 years out so i cant be offended

and yes, we do have arranged marriages… my parents were arranged

good thing is they wanna find me a hot wifey who has no choice by 28…i dont want it tho :confused:

Yep wouldn’t want a forced butterface

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Yo a forced butterface is like top 3 options i could have

imagine a butterface + butterbody + religious nut … thats what a good portion of india can be described LMFAO

I like this idea

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Here we call religious Folk Holy Rollers or Bible Thumpers

Oh, in India nowadays we call the religious nuts the regular folk :frowning:

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i am 10 yrs old and i agree

Gay porn gifs confirmed