There is no Galaxy Opal Filter?

Am i the only one who find this interesting? There is no opal or dark matter filter in player search + you can’t preview opal rewards in token market. Positive side, & hopefully if pack sales don’t go down they may intend to fix 100s of opals disaster in the past. It really felt like 'Let’s see how sales go, then we decide" thing. What do you think? (@Knezius grin)

Might just be a seasonal thing I’m assuming.

There are no Opals in the game right now period besides the ones used in Domination. I assume it will be added later

Every 2K before, had all tier filters before, fully. Only theme filters added. @holygrail22

i think this tells us that there is no opals at least in the first season


I can understand why no dm filter believing all will be acquired by achievements but opal one is still weird imo.

Looking up badges is broken so I’m assuming they haven’t done their finishing touches on the AH

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Most likely :sob:

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I‘m pretty sure there was a GO and dark ish filter on the fresh release. Idk anymore

You can’t even search for the Contact Finisher badge, right?

At least I couldn’t last time I was in the AH.

You can search for badges but only bronze ones come up, what I’ve been doing is just searching all gold and looking for badges through there

I’ve gotten gold RE and Clamps for like 800 MT

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I know that but I was specifically talking about the badge Contact Finisher lol

I can do a specific search for every badge except that one. I was trying to boost Contact Finisher for KAT but couldn’t even look it up in the AH

Trying to find it through the ALL filter should be fun

This gotta be a glitch

when searching for clamps, if i search silver it only shows bronze