Theme squad : High IQ players

Just trying to make this game a little more fun. If you would build a team with the highest ball IQ players, what team would you assemble (based on IRL) ?

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I would have to say Chris Paul, Jokic and Kyrie should be towards the top of the list. No one sees the floor likes these guys do. Maybe even Derozan

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100% agree with cp3 and Jokic but Kyrie does not make that list for me. Although he is a technical master, he lacks playmaking for others.


If we talking all time J Kidd has to be up there with Oscar as far as IQ

Hell yeah, Kidd is top 3 IQ all time no question. Sad to see that 2K did him dirty this year, same goes with Stockton.

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You ain’t lying. So disappointed I don’t have a good Kidd card to use

Yeah, when I see some players have GO cards and Kidd and Stockton stucked at 95/94, I don’t get it. But a true point guard/floor general is really fun to use in a game, setting plays, just using this IQ to outplay the opponent. A shame we don’t have a GO Jason yet.

Definitely bron and cp3

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Yeah Bron is definitely up there but he is such a gifted physical specimen that I don’t think IQ is his primary asset. May sound unfair, he is so smart on the court no doubt about that.

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  1. JR Smith
  2. Rasheed Wallace
  3. Metta World Peace
  4. Jermaine O’Neal
  5. Nate Robinson
  6. Lance Stephenson
  7. Brandon Jennings
  8. Michael Beasley
  9. JaVale McGee
  10. Russel Westbrook

Lmfao, JR should be 1! You did Sheed dirty

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Larry Bird for sure

probably Magic

current players, I’d consider Luka maybe

nash, manu, timmy d

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Rondo gotta be mentioned

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Bill Bradley first pick,

Thanasis probably the last pick

Draymond, Kyle Anderson, Rondo, Horford should be Up there

Yeah Bird was my first pick with Jason Kidd, he dominated the league so much with his brain it’s incredible

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Nice ! Did not even think of Horford (mainly because he is underrated) bue I agree. As for Draymond he is maybe the smartest PF in today’s game, he reads curry’s game so perfectly.

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If Manu did not make that stupid foul on Dirk in 06, he would maybe be top 5, but still he is easily top 10-15.

Most of these have been mentioned, but here are a few of mine on no particular order:

Bill Russell
Tim Duncan

There are plenty more, but I like these off the top of my head.