Them token packs lit

First pack


Pulled 10 got AI and Wallace, wish I had your luck :stuck_out_tongue:

dont do it fellow 2kgamers…


No, they not lit, you just lucky off of 0.01% chances

Pull 5 got scam with emerald I want a refund

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Got diamond Scottie and some diamond shoes+ good badges in my next couple packs

Unless u have no use for tokens, its pointless using them on that. Tokens are time consuming and for a 20k pippen and badges really isnt value atm. Ur lucky on the mj pull tho.

Opened five on Xbox and got nothing then opened one on switch and got AI. Could go either way I guess.

Majority of people not getting opals off the reward market so

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Nah need to be way better packs than these for me to burn tokens.

I pulled Giannis :wink:

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One of these kids every week

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I pulled two blakes ai and jordan

Wow, how many packs did you open?

200 tokens yesterday morning


It’s a trap

One pack, Blake :call_me_hand:

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Na I can’t lie them packs was lit for me lmao but it’s really down to how much u wanna spend or wait for newer sets to be added

I got an AI, used him once and saw he’s far too small. Sold for 55k or so.

I’m gonna stick with my Moments PD Wade.

But the draw of pulling an MJ is strong. That’s a 2.5 million MT card on PC.

I had just redeemed Barry (btw he’s a slightly shittier Larry Bird) and only had enough for one pack, I would have kept going