The Ultimatum for the new Patch

Since people are torn between the two sides let’s decide, also this patch isn’t getting reverted because of the tournament and how it will look if they game played how it did before, but I want to see the overall disjoint of the community so I’m going to add two comments and please like which version of the game was more enjoyable

Life if you think pre patch was more enjoyable


Like if you think the patch made the game more enjoyable


Can we add “idk” as a comment


I guess but let me ask you something do you like facing zig zaggers?

Just food for thought

Sure not but that patch went a little too far i cant decide. I only play tto btw. Before i hit like 6/8 threes with magic at times that was rediculous and theres no motivation to do anything else then. Now it felt like it adds more strategy to the game which is cool but against these people who decide just to offball and stay under the basket its harder to get off a shot or do anything it can get annoying

Step back into threes or drives or work the post, you can also still abuse screens

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I haven’t played 5v5 yet. But I’m not a fan of just how OP highly contested shots are when the defender isn’t even close in TTO. But TTO is kind of a different world from MTU.

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The patch didn’t affect my offense at all because I only took open shots and tried not to force layups, i have the most cautious playstyle and this patch is totally in my favor. I green or shoot open shots as much as i did before the patch. Stop crying and actually work to get good shots. I miss the days were gamers would practice to actually get good at games instead of bitching and crying for easy way outs.


Hedo zigzaggers drowning in their own tears.


Is the new contest totally realistic, probably not. But more realistic than Hedo draining threes over your smaller guard after doing salsa behind a screen. Thank you 2k.


You’re on a streak for Ws


Well it’s 7 to 1 and that one dude is someone I’ve never seen talk on the forums so prob just a hedo user

I haven’t experienced that if I cross someone and shoot it’s open

Exactly. Of course the contest is now too high. But I prefer that than having tall guys with OP jumpers ruling the game


Yuhh l like I said too much D is way better because you have to earn your buckets rather than zig zag square all game

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You want to score tons of buckets? Get NBA playgrounds

Funny how they revert the game at the last minute before the tournament

But let me think about something

We know that most of the players that are qualified (I said most, not all) were abusing the meta and those quick shots. What will they do now?

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I think people don’t understand that a lot of people know the patch is unrealistic but now small guards are useable because they can contest if y’all want it to be realistic it’s gonna be AK at PG instead of actually players in their positions yet y’all complain about position restrictions