The Ultimate Token Market review guide:

Here we will discuss what cards from the token market are worth it and which ones are not. A lot of people haven’t ventured far into the Token market yet so this guide will help you decide on what cards would be best for you if you decide to do so. As of now I’m mid way through the :gem: tier so I’ll give updates as i move further into the market. We’ll also discuss best ways, tips, etc to get tokens to move up in the token market. If you’re trying to build a solid squad in the beginning of the game without a lot of money…this is the place for you.

Please feel free to Share your own thoughts and reviews.

Here are my top picks so far for each tier. Since there are so many i don’t want to write long reviews on each. Just ask me about the one that you’re interested in and I’ll give you my honest feedback.


Klay Thompson
Bobby Jackson
Meyers Leonard
Henry Bibby
Stacey Augmon
Carl Landry
Avery Bradley
Antonio Daniels
Greg Anthony


Byron Russell
Vernon maxwell
Deshaun Stevenson
Spud Webb
Avery Johnson
Kendall Gill
Ricky Rubio
Derrick favors
Enis Kanter
Luke Walton


Kerry Kittles
Dan Majerle
Jeff Hornacek
Paul pressy
Reggie Williams
Mark Jackson
KC Jones
Donyell Marshall
Keith Van Horn
Herb Williams


Campy Russell
World B Free
Kelly Tripucka
Sean Elliot
Doug Collins
Dave the butcher
Eddie Johnson
Christian lattener
Kenny Anderson
Sam Perkins
Joe Smith
Freddie Lewis


Earl Monroe
Gail Goodrich
Fat lever
Austin Carr
Mark Aguirre


nice idea

emerald Bobby Jackson is good and has an easily attainable XP bonus

Klay- has good shooting ratings, but I can’t hit anything with him

Antonio Daniels is a decent defender but has no offence

Meyers Leonard can hit 3s in pro level games, above that, not so much. He’s also painfully slow. Not a bad rebounder

Augmon doesn’t do anything well

Bradley- see Antonio Daniels

Henry Bibby- not a bad shooter, but not very fast, small, and can’t dunk.

I also have Adonal Foyle who I don’t think is on your list but haven’t used him


Thanks to their defensive badging, ruby KC Jones and Paul Pressey lock down on my bench. Also on the second unit are Donyell and Kittles, so I’m getting mileage from this reward level.

Anyone like a particular ruby C for when I make my next pick?

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Ruby C? I’d go with NeNe.

He’s very good under the boards and has a nice Middy

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Earl Monroe is godly on offense. Unfortunately you can’t add Clamps but he can get some other solid defensive badges

Al Horford is nice too. The release is wonky af but he hits, especially from mid range but also the corners. Slow for sure but the ideal stretch 4/5 at this stage of the game


Yeah Earl is the precursor of what a player with handles can really do in 2k21, his in game dribble sigs are just absolutely insane. I surround him with guys with clamps so his defense doesn’t take a hit. He’s my starting PG until a player who has both his offense and can play lockdown defense comes out.

Don’t sleep on Goodrich though, that card is MUCH better than i expected

I’m either gonna grab horford or Aguirre today, i think Horford might be the move.

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my thoughts on these cards


I am stopped at the ruby market after got Majerle and Kittles. Majerle is really good, still my starting 3.

The others are mehh for me, so I just save my tokens for the next seasons update. Have like 150 tokens right now. I want a PF, but not like anybody from the rubies, and dont want to waste my tokens just to skip to the amy market :confused:

From the sapphire market Russell, Rubio and Favors are really good!

I really like that every card is unique, have weaknesses, so the team building process is more exciting.

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Doug Collins feels like he has a similar shot to klay

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I would say a majority of your review is accurate, but Campy and World B free are great!

Also you gotta run Earl, his card is the best PG I’ve used.

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I love me some Fat, great card.

Just took Horford, release kinda funky.

do any of them have gold range extender? Point made

Barely any cards have Gold range extender LOL!

But yes Jo Jo white has gold RE.

Gold RE Isn’t common in ANY cards right now. We all know 2k is holding out on that and gold clamps for the cards they’re going to sell you in a month. Right now just about every card available has one great thing but not the other, so we can’t judge cards by the Gold RE/Clamps metric

They will all be in packs is my point, unless you think we’ll get a token market update anytime soon.

You have to pay for packs Bro, whether you buy VC or MT…you’re still going to be coming out of pocket. This is for those who don’t want to or can’t do that. I buy and grind, but as of now i can say my token cards have been out preforming my purchased ones…minus maybe a very select few.

Token market update is in 29 days, it updates every season according to 2k

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My boy Freddie Lewis is underrated. If you’re on a budget and need a fast pg to carry you through dom, he is the man. You don’t have to shoot with him, just rim run and use the play.

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Best part cause I don’t like any of the cards rn lol
The Horford and Fat on the squad for the clamps. Other than that these cards are place holders

Freddie gets gold clamps too

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Damn ain’t he an Amethyst? Don’t think I took him