The substitution glitch is out of control

It’s literally 1 in 3 games I get sub glitched this round kids just can’t take these beat downs the people’s champ is putting on them!!!

It aint easy being cheesy


Yeah it’s laughable how often it occurs. Just message them/ threaten to have them banned. :joy:

Some people cant help it when they see someone exploiting how the game is. Ive been tempted to do it against some that are pausing during a possession and 5 out all game. So if ive thought it, someones going to do it lol

I’m bout to just take another L zzzzzzzzzz

Sucks when someone exploits the game and you can’t do anything about it


The sub glitch seems to happen more often on PS4 I see.

Lol you push cheese to the absolute limit so I applaud them for giving you a L esson


Yeah we are a thirsty bunch

Yeah it’s stupid they haven’t fixed it by now their just lazy

I just message them and switch inputs to watch tv until they cave

Is it even possible to play a 100% cheese free game in 2k? I don’t think it is, cheese is part of the game fellas Wether you like it or not. You can try and not be cheesy by running an all sapphire squad or whatever you wanna do and the game will have your back for it lol

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Boys really be creating gimmicks for themselves lol. I respect it

It’s a known fact that more people subglitch and cheese on PS4 than Xbox

If I played someone wearing bright ass white jerseys on the road, Id do the same shit


I used to hate that

Yep this round is crasy i played 10 games and 5guys want to do a sub clitch and two times i get a lose both those guys are 5out cheesers.

Whoever wears white jerseys on the road deserves to be sub glitched for sure.