The Stupid Vault Odds

Here are the games I played and what I got:
1: 1 Token
2: Red
3: Red
4: Red
5: 1 Token
6: 1 Token
7: Ruby Jordan
8: Red
9: Red
10: 1 Token
11: 1 Token
12: Red
13: 1 Token

This is an hour and 5 minute’s worth of playing…

I only earned SIX TOKENS and a RUBY after ONE HOUR’S WORTH OF GAMES.


TT Online is the way to go this week.

They’ve severely nerfed the vault odds.

I’ve seen Randle, Harper, 1,000 MT, and plenty of packs in Online. And multiple PD MJ’s.

Way more lucrative.

2k doing it stupid… why would they lower vault openings and still have 1 token in there.

This doesnt encourage people to play, it just drives people AWAY from the game.

2k logic = no common sense

Literally no point loggin in to the game till next Friday now…

Tuesday gonna drop the VC only super packs which is NOT content. Then everyone just waits for Friday season 7.


2K has zero logic thinking anyone actually cares about a Jordan card.

The only ppl that are still doing ttofflinr are those that dont have Danny Ferry… everyone else on vacation till Friday cos literally nothing to do.


they need to listen to this community and learn from this season’s mistakes.

Welcome to my world my friend

me after 3 games


Nooo!!! Not jerry again but no danny.:sob::sob::rage: @mattpoz am not going to get him.


Thanks dm curry for making these games fast and easy. I can shoot threes with my eyes close with dm curry. Got him with contract and shoe for 191k which is clutch for this boring tto mess. If I knew I could shoot with curry like this I would got him day 1. But 8 reds and then vault open for Jerry.

Bro that’s tough

Very true.after getting ferry, i didnt have the urge to play and get DM MJ knowing it would be harder than ferry. Got ferry for more than 300 games

That the second one I got since both was put In the vault

Damn that’s tuff man. I’m hoping you get this card. Deserve it more than anyone I’ve met including myself

I prepared myself for this. I want be surprise if 2k put all the vault players in a locker code down the road .but it probably be a ball drop with Terry and danny in th corners and Kermit in the middle

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Sell him and buy Juan Carlos Navarro for 25-30k, he does the same job, if you love Curry the Retro Diamond does the same job too.

Prop create account

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The diamond is so outdated now. Diamond Buddy Hield is better in tt offline for me and he’s free.

all I get is tokens/ruby MJ/ and sloan

Getting only tokens or Ruby MJ. Only solid reward I get last week was during hour before the event ends (2xgo Harper). Thats my strategy for this one, not going to waste my time during weekend.