The Stinky Pinkies

So I made a 100% Pink Diamond team that I’m using occasionally in Super Max when I feel like torturing myself. It’s called the Stinky Pinkies. I figured I’d record some of the terrible gameplay and funny moments this team will inevitably bring due to equalization and post them in this thread. Here’s the lineup:


Show em uniforms and the court !

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This looks like SuperSweat suicide.

Lol u improved my motto :rofl:

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It was too good not to use lol.

Lol, i do the same. But your court is better.

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Put this damn thing at center :sob: image

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“Better” lol… it’s so bad. The road jerseys are even worse hahaha.

I don’t know how to do all that upload shit lol… I’m old.

Your team is better though.

I’m older it is no excuse. Login your account in Pc and upload lmao

Like at the 2k website? And you’re older than I am?

Yep. I am 39

You do have me beat then lol. I’m only 36, you old fart.

Yet i can fart my own images u dumb fuck :joy:

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This is awesome. I should just complete Overdrive for AI and KG Teammates for KG. Then watch the EQ roll in… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I did manage to do the joint face scan somehow, so I’m sure I’ll figure this out lol. The court does need that Pink album cover :joy:

From left upper side, “upload images”

@Ddrop, here you go: