The State of MT Coins in 2K22

Am I the only one that feels like MT is worth a bit more this year? Idk it seems like it’s a lower start than last year as MT is more valuable/less inflated.

i feel like its the same mostly, but I think the value of tokens have gone up. Just a lot less available compared to prior years


Good post on Reddit that did the analytical on MT

…2K reduced All-Star difficulty multiplier from 1.25 to 1.00 and did NOT change the MT target on Domination from years past. 375, 450 and 625 are the same totals from last year when the multiplier was 1.25.

So internally, for the prizes they’re still calculating at 1.25 which is why you may fall short of 625 and still get your 3 stars, but yet get the face value of MT showing (i.e. 550 or so)

Removing the bronzes (80 MT for 5 games or 16 MT per contract) in favour of lowest being golds (120 MT for 5 games or 24 MT per contract) represents a 50% increase in your 11-13 slots where most people just ran 3 bronzes.

Boiling frog theory in practice here. I would also say shrinkflation and inflation, as well.

For boiling frog, they are basically slowly raising the price year after year. They’ve done this for years.

Shrinkflation by having you earn 25% less for the same game type / mode as last year.

Inflation by pumping up the price of packs (again.)


Inflation is real.


Reduced the quicksell of shoe cards as well. Bronze shoe went down to 75 from 250.

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more trouble but just add the boosts to the bronze shoe and they sell for 250


Thanks for the tip!

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