The Shot Contest system is terrible

I dont know what the hell they did to defense this year but jesus christ 2k… what the hell is the point of playing defense if you cant even contest the ball.

Im out here guarding up with lockdown defenders getting eyed by players without deadeye and piss poor stats. Am i the only one noticing this or ???


Layups are open 99% of the time


I cant even count how many times i’ve been hit with the “Very Late/Early, 97% contested 3 ball”

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this aswell, like Paint Defense is such a toss up right now. My Mutumbo acts like a little girl out there in the paint sometimes and it pisses me off


2k doesn’t want defense in the game , it creates too much of a skill gap .


Clamps is also a badge that does NOTHING for me. Sloan, Kawhi, Rondo, none of my defenders are stopping blowbys…

2k18 all over again…


probably tbh, MyTeam is nothing but Turbo to the Rim cheese or trying to abuse Deadeye

It’s just weird when Rose can make contested layups in the paint but ewing can’t.

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THIS. why in the HELL are my big men missing layups on smaller players… WHY 2K. like Rose and Wade have been crashing head first into my centers getting and 1s yet if i bully a center or PF, ill miss a WIDE OPEN layup.


Bingo bango bongo


Layups are extremely frustrating and random.
Sometimes you can lay it up over 2 defenders and it’s gonna be less than 20% contest, other times noone’s really close and it’s 50%+ contest.

Jumpshot contest is fine, though.

Btw, gold intimidator makes a huge difference compared to bronze and silver. Right now with current contest sliders, I think it’s a way more valuable badge than clamps.

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Muresan can’t be contested and it’s fucking annoying

Well if u play a lot its guna happen but if u shoot a 97% contest shot every possession ur field goal will end up at like 5%.

Yeah, contesting layups is ass but Jumpshot Contesting is off as hell for me. ill make deep contested 3s like its nothing but brick wide open ones… it might just be shooting this year tho

Idk how people are gearing up for qualifier when paint contests are a dice roll and MTU still drops…

I have to keep looking at my controller settings to make sure they’re proper. Sometimes they won’t even put their hands up period. The game is really trash. I always admit that ‘I’m’ trash but this shit is ridiculous.


the thing is, my opp is making shots like this constantly. like i could understand if it was luck but come on now.

it also happens when ever the game gets close :thinking:

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Yeaaah sometimes my players wont contest even when im trying to put my hand up.

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2k either will fix it somehow by then OR they dont and act like nothing is wrong