The road to 750 to tokens has been completed!

First off, getting 750 tokens is a real grind man. I have no idea how people have more than 1 GO token reward. Kudos to y’all. I didn’t think I would be able to get this done when the game came out but it’s def to dope to say I actually did it.

Some notes on how I got it done.

  • Locked in all current collections
  • Already had uniforms and 1 TBT collection locked.
  • Grinded out the last 50 tokens in TT offline.

I know worthy was the consensus to probably get as your first GO but I went with this guy instead.

Welcome to the squad the Glove.


congrats might pick up opal glove today also


Squad right now for everyone wondering what it looks like. Waiting on KG and I might lock in for Shaq too after I sell this PD TMac and PD Penny duo.

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Congrats man!
Enjoy :innocent:

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Thanks y’all. Also GP gets sharp/lock with Stevens and D’Antoni with a contested gold 3 point shoe. Going to test out which diamond shoe keeps those takeovers.


how’s his dribble animations/moving shot/post fade?

Dribble animations are good. Moving shots are really nice too. Post fade is the only con, it’s like KGs. His hopstep post fade and shimmy fade are nice though. Both create enough space to get the shot off.

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That’s a nice team congrats!

I’m jealous on the glove!

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When’s a good time to sell penny?

Either tonight or tomorrow night before the new TBTs on Tuesday.

Sharp/Lock confirmed with Blue Jordan Pantone 11s with D’Antoni & Stevens.