The Return of Russ

Russ returns to OKC tonight for the first time, who y’all got?

I’ll take Houston and Harden & Westbrook complete the rare feat of two players getting a Triple Double in the same game.

What are the odds on that prop bet? :joy:


Idk but I’m pretty confident Russ will average < 1 point per fga


12 points 4/10 fg, 11 assists, 12 rebounds

43 points 15/27 fg, 10 assists, 10 rebounds

32 points 14/20 fg, 17 rebounds

Stoppppp no way Russ only scores 12. He’ll show out

Just dont hurt my THICC trunked CP3

What the

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Russ 30+ points im positive

He also leads OKC in career games lost because he was more interested in padding stats

KD did more for the Thunder in the few years he played than Russ ever did, but Russ definitely the most loved by OKC fans.

if he played the most games of course both won and lost the most, i dont see this as bad


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OKC would be irrelevant it wasn’t for KD. KD is the reason the games came on Tv. Nike deals, MVP’s. Scoring titles and a trip to the finals. No one was talking about Russ when he played 2nd fiddle to Durant. Granted he did ball out after Durant went to GS.

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I speak the truth

Russ and KD was a dynamic duo, back then there was no KD without Russ and vice versa, Russ was a big part of them going to the finals, when KD got injured, Russ put the whole team in his bag, Russ got the Jordan deal, Russ kept OKC relevant after KD left, giving the fans the magical MVP season so they still had something to show for, Russ was the man, KD has no legacy as the greatest on any team lol

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You lost me

It was facts tho

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Back then after 2011, when you thought KD, you thought Russ too