The Reason Why 2K is Dying

Came across this video the other day and felt like he’s speaking the truth in regards to 2K. The jist of it is that 2K is trying to please two different crowds and is failing at it.

They want to appeal to the casual, low bball IQ 2k player so that their numbers stay high. But they are also trying to appeal to the competitive 2k crowd because of the 2K League and other tourneys. In my opinion, its gonna be very hard for both of these things to co-exist.

Some players are frustrated with 2K20 because it doesn’t really take much IQ to score(its slightly better now with BTB gone). Then on the other hand, some players are frustrated because shooting is more timing based. Its because they are trying to please both casuals and hardcore players at the same time.

Also i have to say that just because someone is good at 2K doesn’t mean they have high bball IQ. We have seen a taste of that this year with some past players being exposed once the OP moves were taken out. I just don’t see 2K going in the right direction because of this. You cannot serve two gods at the same time. The video describes exactly how i feel


He doesn’t mention Rachel Demita’s absence, this video ain’t it


It’s not dying. Its more like it’s having a down year, because gameplay sucks and game modes are the same. HOWEVER. We should (hopefully) get a much better version next year with a new gen consoles coming out. It’s also possible that 2k did not care as much about this version and devoted most of their resources into creating 2k21 rather than focusing on the current product.


The power creep is off-putting. Next year we’re going to have opals by New Years.

Hopefully next years consoles help improve gameplay and it runs smoother, also better overall servers. The thing also is 2k doesn’t have enough competition either to try hard enough to improve to please people. If EA made a great or even solid NBA game things would be different for 2k, however the lack of competition is the reason things are getting worse as well. People aren’t spending like they use to and they are leaving 2k because of the lack of respect for the 2k community and its players who keep this game afloat. 2K’s dying because they don’t listen to us and keep screwing us over. People only can take so much before they quit,even the diehards who enjoy it each year.


Yeah, but I find the “no competition” argument to be failing lately. EA has no competition with Madden, yet their Ultimate Team mode is light years ahead of 2K. Simply put, 2K needs to step their game up, start at least pretending to listen to the community on important issues, and stop trying to just rob everyone blind with empty packs.


I think one key issue for old-timers might be repetitiveness.
Sure, it might be fun to rip packs for some years, but it gets boring after a while. And besides new cards in packs, there is little to none additional content through the year.

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They have a monopoly on basketball. Therefore, it’s not dying.

As for them making less money on VC this year, maybe they should bring back Veronica. That hooked a lot of new players and some of them probably spent money on VC even though Veronica was around.

I totally agree though that they can’t serve two masters. That said, I don’t think they actually care that much about the Pro/Sim side of things. Does 2K League and eSports really make them that much money? Look at the 250k tournament this year… 250k? The runner up gets NOTHING? What kind of competition is that? I’ve never seen such a broke ass approach to eSports. 250k is pennies to them. They really don’t care.


Agreed, this is my first full year of 2K and I couldn’t imagine ripping packs / grinding for the same cards next year just to use them in a new “meta”.

Like I remember Opal MJ last year, and it was like de ja vu this year when he dropped. Even some of the pictures on the cards are the same lol.

Next year I’ll probably grab the game on sale around xmas and do more of a “slow grind” through domination and just buy some MT / try out cards.

VC glitch"Veronica" will not come back. They really don’t want people exploiting glitches when they are trying to make money. cant give away free VC cuz people will do that instead lol they’ll lose money


I wouldn’t call that 250K tournament “Pro/Sim”, anyway.

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they made more money last year on microtransactions than they did this year.

we obv can’t attribute that to V since there are other variables involved, but we also can’t attribute an increase in microtransactions by taking her away since there’s no data to support that.

the point is that there’s 0 data available to us to indicate Vs affect on microtransactions. any conclusions are just intuition and not data driven

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Oh I know. I’m just pointing out how hilarious it is that they sold more VC when you could get it for free from Veronica than this year without the glitch.

Shows how bad the mode has been this year.


I don’t think it has anything to do with Veronica. It could, since people got used to it, and saw the light last year, but I think it’s simply because of the early cycle struggles of the game this year. I thankfully missed it, but the game was a complete shit show of a mess early on, no?

I suppose it could be backlash from Veronica issue instead.
I’m rather reluctant to put money into a game where cheaters can get same benefits without any trouble. Thus, NMS on MyTeam this year.


No more than any other year. If anything, it could be position locks biting them in the ass. Sure, they’ll monetize them, but I think it was a major shift for people and casuals didn’t care for it.

Blame on yall said 2k18 is worst 2k ever

Veronica was a blessing and a curse. I am addicted to opening packs and I attribute that to big V. I could have the godliest of squads now, but I have spent WELL over 2 million mt in packs this cycle. I’ve revamped my team several times and always end up selling everything to buy more packs.


How does the next gen console thing work with 2K dropping before the consoles. Do ppl wait for the next gen console before buying 2K?

Do ppl buy the PS4 version and carry over their progress to PS5?

If I stick with PS4 will I not get access to possible better servers? How does it all work / what are the pro and cons?

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Only EA can do that