The real reason I was excited for Throwbacks

About time! Now a decision to make…


Sell them all!

How much VC did you purchase roughly?


T-minus 14 days for me.

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Less than last year.

Still on the fence about continuing or calling it quits… arghh it’s “only” 250 more cards.

I’d hope so, we are only in December!

I think you have to make a choice to commit or not, because the cards you’re sitting on are probably losing value, and being patient for another 250 would mean you’d get him in a couple of months when there will be other options, and those cards you do have will have lost even more value.

Go for it now or cash out, would be my advice.


Congrats mate, that’s a hell of a grind.:ok_hand:

This is me trying to decide if I should keep going for JR Smith or not


I will say no for grinding JR ,and I’ be stop at Webber too. When youvcan get J.R ,it will be at least February-March ,and you will get a all star 3 point contest player .For Giannis,he’ probably get a 98PD

I’m now 24 cards away. I have 386 tokens, so it would be really easy to get the 8 emerald rewards, 15 sapphires, and one ruby that I don’t already have, but since I really only would want the emeralds for future throwback sets, I’d be wasting 102 tokens on Saphhire/Ruby cards I’d have zero use for, and then I’d have to make it up in my quest for Wilt.

As of right now I’m holding firm, but lawd jeebus the temptation is palpable. I could have Cwebb right now on my Sixers squad! Breathe deep, star, patience.

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I am a weak, weak man.


You made the right choice.

Ruby Wilt coming

I saw your post few days before and decided to grind Webber while I’m 80+away from Webber .Bought pver 60cards today and got him. He’ a beast at 4 ,not even close to Blake imo

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alot better than blake?

good luck with that stupid ball drop

Imo it is because he’s release is quicker and 86 speed with shoes and coach become 95 also 3 ball become 98