The Quick Thru STS of 2K21

Pistons playbook

Give 15 horns dive

Thank me later


not my video, shoutout to 2k_fitness for finding this out


@Fokus_XG?? Maybe this might work?

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This is goated

Offense is so tough this year. This will help a ton.

2k ninjas inbound

Hopefully the AI won’t adapt

And just like that, all the BIN Pistons playbooks are gone lol.


Glad I’ve pulled the pistons playbook in the starter pack :joy:


Pistons… hell yes


God I hope I pull this tonight when I open those promo packs. :rofl:

Wonder if pistons have a good book in general. Lowkey imma just lab a bunch of playbooks tonight and see what works. Lots of books the same. If not all. But the meta is changed. 3pt looks ain’t it. Cutter actions fist actions and and handoffs the wave right now

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Let’s gooo domination finna be a breeze my guys

Bronze playbooks being price fixed lol

Just “sniped” one for 5k

Works great with Cousins

good look!

Thanks for the heads up. Hope I pull the playbook tonight

Cant even wait til we all own the game lol

Pistons playbook is a BAG right now :joy: