The peeka boo

The peeka boo

Any tips on how to contain it? Only game I ever lose, is when someone is doing it all game and don’t miss. :man_facepalming:t4:

Someone tried pulling this corny shit on me yesterday and it got them nowhere. I just let them jack dumb bricks

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It’s very hard to defend if someone is doing 5 Out and screening at the elbow


On-ball on the peekaboo cheeser with Giannis/Issac/Kareem.

Its like I feel like I have them and boom some how they get away, stop and green light.

The only way to guard a very good user of the peaks , it’s giving the 2

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Slap a dude with HOF intimidator and height on the shooter he’s using. If you stay close enough that badge nerfs jumpers like crazy.

Switch the screen on that card. Step up and cover the 3. You may give up the 2 from time to time


There are some peaks ( out of the speedboost ) that you can’t literally contest , between the switching a good player just shoot .
But on my team only two cards can do it , Parker and wade ! Ah and an Amy Petrie that have base 98 too .
So it’s not usual

How tf do you even “peekaboo”


Stopping on a dime and shooting immediately

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That was probably a more helpful answer.


Hesi-cancel shoot, it’s all about timing, doesn’t really even take much skill. Its all the rage, all the kids are doing it.

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How do these shitty developers always manage to leave some stupid OP move in the game every year?

It’s almost like they don’t even test their own gameplay.

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It’s not hesi cancel the peaks are not that

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This is not the “peaks “

Whats the difference?