The PD JR Smith Chase

Who’s close?

After finishing domination and schedule mode FA’s I will have 127 to go. Wonder how long that will take. Big moments drop today I’m hoping at least 15 cards, then a promo soon for another 10 or so, next week Throwbacks another 18, some affordable Throwback Elites maybe, so should be down to 75 to go by the end of next week.

Also who’s going to continue on for GO Giannis?? I guess if they keep dropping content at a reasonable rate anyone who got this far would be stupid not to at least try, chances are if you’re that kind of collector you already have TONS of good cards and you really don’t need the MT from selling everything back.

Also hoping some of these older cards that are 25k+ come down a bit, but I’m guessing their prices are staying high because of collectors needing them. I try not to buy cards over 30k if they aren’t worth that price.


Only 1 thousand Cards Left :rofl:

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It’s a real grind man , I am at the point where I need to buy the expensive cards . I am 750 or so cards away , still a long way

Do the FA cards disappear upon using their contracts?

Not sure. I’m not touching them for this reason, lol

I think 2k will drop those Moments Superpacks 1 or 2 more times. Probably some Throwback Elite Superpacks too.

Kirilenko is enough for me. I’ll focus on pullable cards now.


I’m 66 away I’m missing 4 day in history cards 2 throwback elites and regular pd kareem and arenas

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So you are just missing 8 Cards from every available card that counts toward collector Level (all sapphire and ruby token rewards, Wilt, Moses, Kemp, Player of the month,…)? Wow. Congrats

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My bad I dont have regular Jordan or Kemp either but yeah other then those 10 I have everything lmao bring on a big batch of moments tonight

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Is that confirmed for today? I was thinking that 2k will add the new throwback elites today and moments tomorrow but of course it could be the other way around too.

I’m not sure either way I’m keen on that hondo but will be interesting to see what moments drop hopefully a diamomd leonard with a half decent 3

The real question is how much mt will someone make back after they get go Greek lol


Depending on how much was locked for tokens, somewhere between 3-5 million probably

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I mean obviously the heat check and NBA roster locked in due to thosenppl collecting most likely already have wilt or closento it, but think about all the moments players and how because of collecting still hold their worth, gonna be millionaires after they reach the big goal

Battling GO Giannis will be like fighting a gorilla in a phone booth

I would expect a lot of

There are no players remaining in this game

Don’t wory- it will only happen once in a million games.

Thinking of running JR at PG, where you gonna use him

Oh god , I imagined that and i got chills