The NFL will no longer suspend players for positive Marijuana test

It’s a new day in the NFL. Weed will no longer be penalized.


Amazing news!!!

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I’m not pro or against anything marijuana related, but I think that the NBA should do the same thing. It’s legal in a lot of places now.

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I don’t see why the NBA wouldnt. I have no idea how they let the NFL do this before them.

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This should’ve been the Ricky Williams rule


Shit, they already don’t. These substance abuse suspensions the past few years have dealt with HGH and some really hard stuff

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Josh Gordon somewhere crying tears of joy


Players should still be cautious. Teams might still use this against them

Fixed it :upside_down_face:


I assume because the need for an alternative pain management source in the NFL is significantly higher than the NBA.

Aldon Smith and Flash comeback time

Also my boy Randy Gregory and David Irving

NBA should be right behind them within the next year

That nfl defensive player that quit a year ago because he kept getting suspended for weed and didnt want to quit is probably pissed. He literally gave up millions and his dream to play in the nfl so he could keep smoking. Forgot his name, wasnt too prominent of a player.

David Irving! Thanks OG.

Keep smoking no one will catch Lamar Jackson with black lung lmao

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This is also true.

What’s justin Blackmon doing now

No need to smoke it. So many alternatives