The next TB Elite batch is likely gonna be Heat/Suns right?

If so, who we expecting?

  • PD Nash
  • D Marion
  • D Tim Hardaway
  • A Seikaly

I feel like those above are guaranteed at this point

I’ll nut for a pink diamond Marion


Only two teams left playa


That man has the ugliest shot :rofl::rofl:


But its wet


Glen rice Tim hardaway mourning. Amare Nash Marion is my guess

Marion will be a better Jsmoove

Nah stop it :man_facepalming::man_facepalming:


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Amare will definitely be in the batch

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Mourning and Nash for sure. Unless Nash gets a PD Token Reward or Opal lol. Amare or Tom Chambers is very likely as well or Dan Majerle lol

It’s the last two teams, unless they make some shit up. I mean it is 2K. Lmao

Im sayin, cause they might drop TB super packs or sum

They’ll do that after these two last teams.

Gotta be Nash, Zo, Hardaway, Rice, but I’m praying for a PD Walter Davis.

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Diamond STAT would be dope. His Amy has a serviceable three ball so i’m sure a D/PD would be rocking rims and pulling up on c&s

Smooth 6’9" Marion 6’7"

And I’ll still take smooths shot over Marion lol

Pd Nash and morning almost a 100% sure thing, diamonds tho could be whoever

We need a diamond glen rice

He will be 40k with all the shooting badges lol

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