The new reality that silenced the NBA PART 2?

I’d like to preface this statement with the following , if you wish to contribute to in this exchange leave your feelings at home and use facts to bolster your arguement , please and thank you .

On December 28th an anticipated matchup took place between the Clippers and Jazz.

Fans of the NBA all around the world sat and watched how the Lakers had beat the Jazz twice, surely the GOAT Kawhi could topple these scrubs easily.

December 27th was supposed to be another win for the Clippers, but then everyone sat and watched Mitchell effortlessly drop in 30 7 9 in a comfortable win where he scored many meaningful buckets to regain and secure the lead .

Fact : Kawhi went 6-24 with 2 points in the 4th while Mitchell took over. Let’s not even talk about PG13 either. 12 for 44 COMBINED.

It’s official Donovan Mitchell is the best player in the NBA!!

Question : How you can you watch Kawhi lose and keep ignoring that matchups play a role in a teams success 24/7.

Question : Do I realize typing like this makes me look like a real d-bag?

(This is a joke, I literally just copy and pasted The new reality that silenced the NBA Thanks @KhalilJames for the memes)

Moral of the story, can we stop posting dumb knee-jerk nonsense after a game in December? Good lord.

This is how y’all look.


My ears Perked up when I saw this thread come back.


Ears perked like a gremlin


We gotta get @KhalilJames in here.

The star of the show.

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Lil James the rapper

What art thou

Donovan Mitchell is the hands down the best player in the league.



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Donovon been chieftain

There’s no question.

Kawhi isn’t what he used to be, anyone can see he’s lost a step.

One game proves all this, don’t you know?

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Careful @MrBlunty you know you’re only allowed to talk like this while throating Kawhi or talking shit about the Lakers :joy:


Inb4 thread gets deleted while other people get to troll 24/7.


Plot twist level 100

It’s a guarantee this gets locked. Same shit happens constantly. If the subject is right or the right person is trolling it’s fine.

Example: talk shit about Kobe, LBJ or the Lakers it’s fine carry on. Talk shit about the Warriors it’s all conjecture, hear say or hyperbole


I didn’t use any offensive curse words I think I’m good.

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I mean Donovan had a good game and all but it’s obvious Luka and Jokic are the new best players in the league now. I mean did you see their lines tonight?!!


There are factions on this forum

D generation X proudly brings to you


LeBron and Kawhi who? Am I right?

Shit between Giannis, Luka and Joker they may as well just move the whole league over to Europe

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I have the memory of a goldfish.

I can only remember one night and so base my takes entirely on what happened in the last 5 hours.

I have no hesitation in saying Jokic and Murray are the best players in NBA history.


The following announcement has been paid for by the NWO

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