Something interesting I found on my YouTube feed. Thoughts?

Ummm his “proof” was the personalized VC sale that literally all retail company’s do and his proof was that it was offered to him and not his buddy lol. I would be willing to bet that his buddy was offered one at some point as well.

As for the stuff regarding equalizer, perhaps some tendencies are saved to your profile and the cpu defense may be slightly adjusted. It obviously does not have a massive impact on the game seeing as the best players in the world like tjay have probably won 500 games in a row.

BTW I’m not supporting 2Ks BS. I think they are a greedy ass company run by a bunch of morons. But this video offers no proof or offer anything that could remotely qualify as a controlled experiment.

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This is like a high school freshman english paper. I agree with him, but his arguments are weak and his proof his not proof.


Lollll trying to hit the word count like “Webster’s Eleventh Edition International Dictionary defines equalizer as …”


He did link to the patent owned by Take 2 Interactive though:

There’s also a link in the video to another recent vid examining a patent owned by EA. Frankly I think most poeple continuing to proudly deny an “equalizer” (which is a bit of a misnomer by the way) or similar user-specific tracking and engagement algorithm is being naive in the context of an industry increasingly driven by microtransactions.

Unfortunately these discussions usually just turn into pissing contests where people want to brag about how they never lose with a full Opal squad (or to rant about those who use EQ as a crutch or excuse). Anecdotally I’ve experienced equalizer pretty often paying predominantly offline modes and its so damn obvious when the algorithm kicks in for a game or a few. I STILL WIN 99% OF THESE GAMES, but they just aren’t fun to play through and make me feel like punching a hole through my screen.

Equalizer existing and being implemented doesn’t mean someone will lose a game and let’s also not forget that these algorithms are sophisticated and user specific. Maybe the system recognizes that Tjay for example is actually more likely to spend money if he’s winning consistently rather than when he occasionally loses. I personally make an effort not to rage sell or buy VC after heavy equalizer games because I don’t want the algorithm to positively associate these events with spending or otherwise shaking up my team.


I’d also note that this patent is from 2005. Imagine how sophisticated these algorithms are now after nearly 15 years of data collection, internal R&D, and general advancements in AI learning technologies…


Did you actually read the patent though? All of the language was extremely broad strokes. Basically just said they could record certain inputs made based on a users action. Just like any website or online retailer can track your clicks and movement throughout the site.

Also, idk how familiar you are with machine learning but it requires a ton of cpu and time to train a robust model. Outside of a few basic adjustments a cpu could make (which is likely how the adaptive coaching engine works), it’s probably nearly impossible for them to be actively training and implementing new models over the course of a game.

However, as I mentioned above, I do believe that they have user “engagement” algorithms as it applies to pack RNG and locker codes. Just like any online retailer does. Pro tip: if you ever plan on buying something online save it in your cart for a day or two. This will trigger an algorithm at some companies to send you a discount to incentivize you to complete the purchase.

I already know the algorithm. Spend 450,000 VC. No Galaxy Opal. Spend another 450,000 VC. Galaxy Opal 1st pack. Lol

I’m sure its very easy to lower the drop rates to people spending a lot of money ripping packs thus forcing them to spend more money. Damn shame there is nothing we can do about it

OK, then why exactly do you find it hard to believe that they would have “engagement” algorithms that apply to RNG during gameplay and other user targeted gameplay aspects?

Because as I explained above that’s much more sophisticated

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But if there is a financial motivation to do so why wouldn’t they devote the resources? Maybe that’s why there’s so little focus on server performance?

won 500 games in a row without power outages wow

However weak his argument is, the point is fair and something should be done about it… it’s no longer enough for them to charge $60-$100 a game which millions and millions and millions of people buy, they have the manipulate us into spending more money. I know we have all noticed a significant boost of ability just from buying Gatorade and boosts right? And when those boosts run out, you player is suddenly trash now… that’s designed on purpose… and it’s wrong.the second 2k starts to see that people are no longer interested in their game is when they will change it … and to your comment about the “professionals”, yea if 2k can manipulate the game like this then they can easily program it so it doesn’t affect these players . why would they give the “professionals” a break on this you ask? It’s simple, these are the guys streaming and promoting your game to the rest of the world. So you want them to stay playing as much as possible and you want them to look amazing so that the people watching think that they could be that good too… the whole point is that 2k is no longer about skill and basketball IQ. It’s about whatever animation the computer let’s you get… and that’s why 2k will continue to be trash from now on.