The most annoying thing you came across in unlimited?

I know there are plenty of things but i think the worst is when some people have courts without visible lines. Just why man?

Same color jerseys


8 bronzes

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All green court, jerseys, and ball, with a racist team name


I just hate dark and colored courts in general

People with Local dark jerseys, or Away white ones. Suuuuuuuuuper fun.

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There should be an option to turn off your opponent’s customization


Position locks but having OOP players

God that also triggers me man…

on-ball skates, when that 1 -2 min of lag delay hits

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Racist name and no court lines

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The stupid algo, and then the opponent pause cheesing, thinking he/she’s some kind of pro.


Other players for sure.


People who quit. Shit just feels like a waste of time and my damn stats don’t save.


People who hunt 3s via animation cancelling.

5 out offense with multiple pick and rolls every possession

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i quit if im getting blown out but im the comeback king so i dont quite 95% of games

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That’s why I never quit because this game is so wacky you could come back. And If I’m getting blasted I want it on tape so I can go back and watch and see what they did and why it was effective.

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80% of mtu players arent 2kgamer level skilled. tto seems to be much more competitive for me normally in mtu when i get beat guy isnt doing anything special except greening so i play tighter in the second half and pull ahead

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I would say about 85% of MTU is the most annoying thing about MTU.