The most annoying card to play in this game


I’m not sure if this just me, but this isn’t even close. Lost two 12-0 runs today going against this card with him scoring 20+ in each of the games. I can’t stop stop him no matter what I try adjusting. He’ll back down literally whoever, and get the most ridiculous post hook/fade animations. Literally what do I do to even stop this


i have him locked and have never touched him now i got ideas lol

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And if people say to expose him on the perimeter, the people I’ve been playing will run zones with him sitting in the paint, and just bait

After playing against multiple guys that have GO Rudy Gay, I’ve hung up my boots for MyTeam for the year.

Believe it or not, I’m having a lot more fun playing Rec in the Neighborhood with my 90 ovr guy. Never get matched up with anyone higher than 92 and EVERY player has a weakness. And what’s even better??? The guys that try to play like the MyTeam sweats get their shit knocked back down to reality because it doesn’t work.


I’ve actually never played an Opal Yao


If people are in zone you should get an open look at 3 every possession. Just gotta make the right pass and hit your shots with HOF RE guys

As far as stopping Yao there’s not much you can do. Just outscore them on the other end and send the occasional double

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luka never misses against me

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With how awful passing is in this game, that’s easier said than done against an off-ball baiter running 3-2. The amount of interceptions that come off of baited passes that are intended for someone a lot farther than the defender is utterly ridiculous.

Anyone that has tried a zone against me abandons it after about 4 possessions max. Pass and screen away in the Hawks freelance will give you the perfect formation/spacing for zone. They can’t cover the whole floor. Use icons and don’t rush the passes. But like I said you have to green your shots otherwise they will stay in it

Also you can back down one of the high defenders with your big out on the perimeter and once that defender is on your back just dump it right to the player in getting of you that’s wide open above the hash. Works every time. They would have to bring help then it’s just about dotting the right guy


Opal Wade easily

Opal Klay

Goat Kareem

You better not pass 92 then. Once you pass 92 you’re pretty much only playing comp teams.

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Rim running with Opal Lebron, his dribble glitch sometimes causes a stun animation to the defender. You play up and it’s a blow by, play back and it’s a pullup from hof range.

Opal wade in peakabook 24/7 against me

Speaking of Yao Ming, How does he play in the 2K20 Meta??

He was my best center back in 2K19

Good players using Glen Rice and also Jerry Lucas on occasion.

Yea I’ve been told that by my buddies that play strictly MyCareer. If I’m shooting 20 for 20 on three’s with base 98 silver quick draw in the REC, I have no need to boost my player anymore lol.

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At this point the guys only have POTM cards on there team just to show-off at this point. I haven’t played one of those guys that could legit beat me without the game breaking mechanics they like to exploit.

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