The market is super high right now

This is the time to sell, every card is going for well above what they have for nearly the past month. And with the upcoming drop tomorrow you should be able to pick your favorite cards back up for half the price. I mean, bronze contracts are selling for 350-400… I always underestimate crashes and buy too early so I am going to try and hold out. Let me know your thoughts.

Great. Time to sell off all these HCs.

Your probably right. Saw a dude get 175 for pippen lol

Im gunna be selling A LOT of contracts. I have so many 20s of them lol.

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whats magic going for?

Man im so torn. I want jr. But im sitting on like 4 mill mt in assets lol


I’m not sweating J.R. He’s just a PD. There are so many good snipers anyways. I hear you though. I’m like 200 short and not even trying at this point. Seems so close.

Im so close it would be a shame. But then id wanna save for giannis too ! Lol. Fuck me haha

Yeah, that’s the problem. I was grinding for tokens, but then I just stopped trying. I figure by the time I have enough tokens or cards for Wilt, Worthy, J.R., etc. there will be better options.

Think I could sell the new PG and buy him back cheaper tomorrow?

Most likely yes. the release tomorrow is a good card. But put him up now. Once they release news on a big pack errbody will be selling. U still got time. Announcement probably sometime after 7pm EST. Its 148pm now

Man I way overspent completing a HC set yesterday. I was 22 tokens shy of Mutumbo so I went ahead and did it but it hurt my pocket for sure.

Got work for 3 more hours. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thats tough. If u have anyone u trust with ur account get them to put him up ! :slight_smile:

I swear 2k manipulates the market. Pippen for 175?!? WTF.


I mean thats what i shoulda been selling at before lol. I sold my kuzma like 3 days ago with a kyrie no contract for 221k. I was fuckin shocked

Is that considered a lot? I just got a pippen with contract and a shoe for 135 yesterday. Did I overpay? Lol

You think pd kawhi with Dimond 3pt shoe is worth selling now?

Yes and no, if he just went for 175 then obviously you didnt but I sold a pippen friday night for 100k BIN (bc there were so many others at BIN)

absolutely insane…

I get mine with red nikes and D contract for 100k a few days ago.

He’s still a good card tho right?