The Market is Poppin (thoughts?)

Since we all know how the community felt about this drop the market for the elite cards that dropped this season and everything else is poppin off…

Anyone else making a ton of MT off their investments?

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Why has the overall market rose? Diamond contracts went from 27k to 40k and Kobe dunking grinches went from 60k to 90k. PG13 went from around 250k to 320k.

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So the market has been dead for a month or so … MT was short and people were spending everything they had on the legit incredible cards that were in the past 10 drops.

Now that people are not digging this set at all. KG is good but most people just got GO Pau (who is a beast as well) for free they are not dropping much on packs or the cads themselves.

That leaves you with one option, either invest in the cards you have to buy badging them out since you’ll now have the card for more than a week or 2. buy the card you sold at one point thinking it would be outclassed or never picked up and have a crappy team going into the last week of unlimited so they have to drop the bag on an older card.

it’s the perfect storm for the market to rise… add XP into the mix (if you need a card for an XP challenge but its now raised in price… you’ll still probably buy him).

Check this clip out… I am going to cash in shortly if you want to see how much I’ve made in the last 5 hours.

Also if your low on MT check your Gold/low tier cards… they have risen due to limited


Damn you should start investing in stocks. That’s a ton of mt.

hahah … my entire channel is based on investing and different ways to make MT. Considering I live next to the stock exchange in NYC its only fitting hahah.

Do you have a YouTube channel where you upload or is Twitch your only channel?

Just twitch, it was honestly the easiest and I only threw up a channel to make the game more fun for myself. I enjoy showing people how I make MT which is extremely different than most people/creators. For years I’ve redeveloped my MT methods and this year with the XP/Addition of badges made investing 10x more complex but fun at the same time.

I have a bunch of clips on my page that show some investing methods and outcomes … I am still trying to get the hang of streaming but am on the game a ton so why not stream my gameplay is how I see it. If organically the Chanel grows (I know people want the type of info my gameplay has) then I will absolutely buy a more formal Channel. If I can figure out how to make easy YouTube clips I would 100% Channel, it just didn’t seem as simple as Twitch which I could just link to my Xbox and sound to my Kinnect

You can make short Twitch stream videos like DBG and then clip them and upload them to YouTube which is easy. I do that a lot.

I set my mic up so I could just speak with you directly on my twitch … I would be very down for some help

So when all is said and done in the last 24 hours (mostly 6 hours… I didnt post much yesterday) it’s about to be 1Mil Made in AH sales. That’s the kinda content I would love to make into a clip… the nice thing is I have the past streams to take content from… what you think?

Actually the total was 1.2 mil

You should make a YouTube video if you want to with a title like “How I made 700k+ mt by doing this” and then show your clips. You could then add a new clip explaining your methods. Sure it’s not gonna make DBG level views but it’s a start.

ahahah not worried about views … the content will speak for itself if I could ever actually make the clip to upload. Again the content and my ability to articulate what is happening in the video to make … 1.2 Mil :wink: isnt so much the issue… its actually making the video for upload on youtube.

I’m going to look into it, I just did a bit of research and I can see how it could be quite simple. I appreciate you giving me the feedback.

I just posted 50 “things” in the market and will be back in an hour or so to see how much and what sells. I also went over some of the bigger technics during my stream just now and I wonder if could pull the content out of the stream since it’s recorded and could make a video on (what sells and how much 1hr callenge)

If you have any program you use to cut the clip please lmk and I’ll start to play around with YouTube a bit more. It’s was always what I wanted to do but again found it to be complicated vs Twitch which was beyond easy.

The guy above is right. If the title is “how I made over 1 MILLION MT in 24 hours” it’s going to be great kick start. That video is naturally gonna grow even down the line


When I get back from this family dog walk my gf is requesting haha I’m going to play around with it. I agree, I’d watch a video like that no matter who posted it just to see if there is are any methods I could add. The crazy thing is I consistently make 300-400k on Friday dropps and always wanted to make videos on specific techniques that I’m doing at that moment that people could definitely exploit on their own and make Hella MT.

The encouragement goes without saying is greatly appreciate it it’s actually pushed me a little bit to do more research and figure the shit out

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I mean I’m watching for sure haha

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Cool stuff man, I play around with market cycles to. Bought about 3 mil worth of cards Friday, selling em back this weekend, should net about 500 to 700k profit. Sold all my high value cards, going to sit on mt once these are sold, expecting a big drop and crash next Friday

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I’m all for any investment as long as the amount spent is worth the potential profits. This game has made investing a style with the possible methods being so diverse. I think that’s where people get lost thinking that they need to snipe, buy cards in mass quantity, and even only look at player cards as investments. For me personally I know what works and that’s what my channel is. I’m actually gonna sign on in 15 or so and see what sold since I ended my stream an hour ago.

If you make 500K+ you know your doing work brotha keep it up.

Hahaha hopefully I can make it happen, I’ll definitely look into how I can take my content and make YouTube clips from it. Luckily I have the content, sniping 1k badges and flipping them for 30k or bid sniping PG13 for 200k because I saw. Cluster of an inane number of cards posted within a min … all the methods I use to make MT … the content is there all I need to do is actually figure out how to make them.

I appreciate the encouragement it’s honestly the reason pushing me to do some research… good lookin out bro foreal

It doesn’t hurt when the market is going nuts which it is right now. hahah

I’m curious how people have been making MT this weekend - for me its badges and shoes have people been sniping something specific?