The Mandalorian

I was skeptical… but…

It’s 10/10. A+. Why the HELL are they making such shitty movies when this crew, who also did Clone Wars, can CLEARLY do Star Wars a lot better.

I’m actually mad it’s this good.


can’t wait till the next episode


Star Wars is written for mass appeal, the only people who called the new movieS shit are these star wars die hard fans. Casuals love it.

End of the day, rose colored glasses off, these movies are better than anything they’ve ever made.

The OG trilogy from an actual movie standpoint are passable at best.

Remake the OG 3 shot for shot with modern cameras and CGI and it’ll be hailed as a poorly written movie.

Like how did Vader have such a mystique in pop culture when he was barely anything in the films? Go watch this dude back and he does like 5 total things and isn’t featured much. The script just directed us to know he’s the big bad guy and there we have it.

I rewatched the originals recently and almost cried at how poor they really are.

FUCK old school Star Wars FUCK the prequels.

Episode 4-6 rouge one and revenge of the sith only good Star Wars movies mandalorian is great though

I know nothing about Star Wars, except dark maul, that was the last time I watched a Star Wars movie, is the mandalorian something I can just pick up and watch? Or do I need to backtrack first

I think it’s something you can pick up and watch


I’m not a casual. I’m a Star Wars nerd.


I’ll meet you halfway and admit that the original Star Wars movies, except for Empire Strikes Back, aren’t all that amazing. Still, I really do not like the most recent movies, except for Rogue One.

The Mandalorian, by contrast, is God-tier Star Wars. Asbolutely incredible so far.



Who hurt you, brother?

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Same. This show is TOO good; so good that they can even have an episode where not much happens and I’m still hyped for the next episode! Now I’m actually excited for every Friday, and have something to look forward to.

And as far as the movies go, I’ll take A New Hope, Empire over everything besides Rogue One, which has probably the best last 30 minutes of any Star Wars movie; basically Battlefront on screen. And that last Vader scene? Ending it with Leia? GG.

New movies are fine, and I actually like most of the parts of them, but the plot for TLJ is just too funny for me to not laugh whenever someone mentions “we’re almost out of fuel” or how the First Order is close enough to hit them but far enough not to break through their shields. It’s just bad writing, but I still find parts in that movie to like.

Need more Fin and Poe in the next one though, because Poe got shafted in the last one and Fin’s mission accomplished nothing.

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I like the prequels:

EASILY best memes and EASILY best fights, more planets and cool locations.

People hate on them too much, I think they offer more to the sci-fi genre than the super cliche original series.


Agree on The Mandalorian. Through 2 episodes I’m very impressed.


Prequels have top 3 best fights locked down and it ain’t even close.

Obi Wan v Jango Fett in the rain.

Obi wan and Qui Gonn v Darth Maul best fight in Star Wars (best music too)

Yoda v Count Dooku, finally see yoda with the lightsaber and he’s god tier, theater went NUTS.

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Meh i disagree. This show is not as good as you described. it’s easily 1/10 as in the 1 and only show I need to watch. Epic show, brilliant directing and acting. love it. Almost makes Disney + worth it


Interesting choices.
I’d say
Duel of the fates
Anakin vs Obi-wan
Yoda vs Palpatine

Anakin vs obi wan is top top too obviously add that in there.

Prequels have such amazing fights lol.

My fav still darth maul though.

The acrobatic fighting makes the original series choreography look like complete jokes.

Also I think this show is pretty great, I love the feel of the world and how we get little tid bits of how the galaxy is still impacted 5 years after return of the Jedi. For me personally it’s always been important to see the impact of these films on the larger universe and seeing it from the Mandalorians perspective from a bounty hunter as well as well a Mandalorian who had their precious material taken from them is interesting.


I love the main dude Pedro Pascal, why didn’t they plaster his face on everything.

We’ve been waiting since GOT for this badass to come back around and he barely gets shown on posters, just the Mandolorian mask.


Prequels have grown on me over time, mainly because I was young when they first released. I like them, and they don’t deserve the hate but aren’t flawless either. The fights are good, but of course they are; they have to be.

Objectively yeah, the originals are cliche and the fights aren’t well choreographed but maybe consider that the originals were made in a time where action scenes weren’t necessarily a big focus, and directed by one of the biggest nerds of all-time.


Well that’s kinda the point right like George Lucas didn’t have that idea in mind of the whole acrobatic fighting with lightsabers. Also id say the main draw of the original trilogy isn’t the fights it’s more of the world and the idea of good vs evil. The lightsaber battles were an added bonus but I can’t blame the originals for morning having the greatest fights as the series changed with the prequels.
Side note: my all time favorite scene in any Star Wars movie is Darth Vader from rogue one


It’s part of Mandalorian culture I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see his face at all

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