The Los Angeles weed dispensary, right next to the corner liquor store of Henny God, J.R. Smith

I was told locking him was a crackhead decision…

I was told that Henny God would not be worth the trouble…

I was told i should save my MT.

But i looked at this picture


and asked myself “what would the Henny God do?”

The Henny God would say FUCK it and shoot his shot. So i decided to lock in the and i gotta say…this is best decision I’ve made all year. This card to put it simply…is broken. I haven’t added any badges and i don’t even plan to. What you get in this set for locking him in should more than likely keep your roster extremely competitive throughout the next season. When he gets sharp takeover you can close your eyes and press shoot…his green window is larger than currys. The man dunks over everyone, dribble sigs are insane, defense is top notch. Instantly my favorite card I’ve played with, instantly. And I’m running this line up.

Is locking in this much MT stupid? Is it a crack Head decision? Yes, yes it is…but like crack heads, you only live once and i want to have fun. First game with Henny G

Demon time :smiling_imp:

Now I’m not telling anyone be stupid like me and do this shit. But if you wanna have the most fun you’ve had with a card all year? Be stupid like me and do this Shit. Best. Card. In. The. Game.


Lmao :joy:

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Peja and Hondo being cheap make this a lock for me

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Big flex

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Had to bruh, had to.


You will not regret it, fuck what the detractors gotta say. This card makes this game so fun to play with. Never have i seen so many “fuck!!” Pause flashes. Straight FLOODED by the Henny God.

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Bruhhhh :skull: :skull: :skull:


TMac or JR?

JR by FAR.

As you can see Tmac isn’t even in my line up anymore. Now I’ve heard tmac is Goated on next gen so when i get my console I’ll probably have him back on the squad. But for now, JR Smith is God tier on current gen.

Absolutely hilarious :rofl:

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T Mac shoot is fire on next gen. I’m going to try JR in play now and see how I like him.

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You gotta play with this version. That bootleg PNO version doesn’t do the God justice.

But if it’s just to check his release, definitely check it out on PNO.

Just to test out the shot. Also won’t players be cheaper on Tuesday with super packs

Possibly, possibly. But we gotta keep in mind that last season they left a lot of good cards out of super packs (Kobe, MJ, etc), hopefully they’ll drop what people need to get this card…but there’s a chance they won’t. At worst they’ll drop enough to make getting most of the set cheap and then you just gotta buy the few they left out.

Either way, get this card if you can my G.

You told me have fun lmao

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I’m inspired. Lord better hope I don’t get bored tonight :eyes:

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Just got Jaylen I’m not locking for JR unless I’m get lucky in limited packs. I’m really having to bench cards I like so no use for getting more wasted cards.

Just got him too lol, he’s gonna join the Henny God now

His shot butter