The last two weeks of a season

Weird side effects of the season/exp/reward format this year: I find myself not playing the game for two weeks after I get the season reward.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved the season grinds. I love the necessity of renting and using all the new cards.

I just hope next season, 2k recognizes this “dead period” for a lot of people and adjusts the content distribution accordingly.

Maybe make it so there are extra tiers, or the exp agendas in the last two weeks award player cards rather than mt, or tokens or contract packs.


Tbh I am rather thankful that the grind ends earlier and there is time between.

Finally only buying cards that are worth it.

Not having to worry about losing MT through tax.

And of course just relaxing from that XP grind and focusing on other stuff ingame as well as outside this game for gods sake! :partying_face:


You can read a book in that dead period. 2K supports your education as well. This is such a nice / user friendly company.


Lol take a break my man.


Yea. At least I have MLB The Show.

Yeah I got JR over a week ago. I’m at 183K XP without trying.

Don’t see why they don’t offer levels beyond 40. As a greedy company 2K must know we need less MT/VC when we finish the Level 40 grind.

Throw some decent extra prizes and I’d be back to needing more MT for renting players.

2k: okay here’s some badge packs

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Getting bored with 2k21, I hope next season is the last season so they’ll drop all contents, especially dom and spotlight.

Starting to sell all my consumables and considering to sell almost all my auctionable card eventhough initially that collector Tatum card was one of my target :cold_face:

Meanwhile will play some my backlog games until new season start

I’m happy to have a 2 week just chill period after I get the Level 40 reward.

I always feel a little burnt out from the grind.

2 weeks gives me time to get refreshed and hyped for the new Season.


I’m chilling on TTO grinding tokens for the new Dark Matter card/cards.
It was nice to have Pistol Pete early on the season.
Hope that they’ll release usable dark matters next season.

yea every year i feel i am exhausted from the game/grind by this time
but there is a reason for me to play the game for 4 weeks or so in every 6 weeks this year
it actually improves gameplay time in the long run

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