The Last Time 2K Released Moments Harden

Credits to me


You guys think they’ll release it? Cause the team loss.

Nevermind they gave a PD for Kemba even if he lost

Shall I sell Kobe now to grab Harden Or durant?

it will be too risky to sell now, it will ends near the moments drop (if it will be today)

Hold Kobe at least until he’s out of packs. Buy Harden/ Durant before the day they go out of packs.

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The requirements for a Harden diamond/pd are higher imo.

Harden will have a diamond tonight. C’mon 54pts 13 ast and 8 boards with 7 3PM

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Too many 50+ this year really.

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He will have multiple 40+pts games, with game winners, maybe some records too… But its 2k, maybe he get a weak diamond. I hope it, cause I want to post up the Hardens with my Kobe just like last year :slight_smile:

They will release multiple diamond moments. Like lebron

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He’s getting a PD and everyone is grabbing 20 of them.


Wait for an hour to be sure if it is a PD this time, especially if it is 95 :roll_eyes:

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If it’s a 95, I’ll consider it as a diamond

Yep, sell quickly lol.

Harden had triple double last night, he should get moments.

Harden gate

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Double double

Or triple double with turnovers

Ofc triple double

Uhm no, he got 54, 8, 13 and 2. That’s a double double

70 ball control and passing iq confirmed.