The Last Dance some glaring omissions

His wife was probably a mean condescending b*tch so he wasn’t faithful. What difference does it make anyways? Kobe had his incident. I think I remember hearing some dirt on LeBron’s marriage.

Yeah it had one. His childhood, his parents… college ball…then his rookie year. MJ didn’t have to shine a light on his former teammates alleged drug use to over 13 million people. That was literally all the world was talking about after episode 1 #1 Trending topic, The Traveling Cocaine Circus.

He needs to shine a light on this shit. Basically throwing stones in a glass house. MJ always looks Lifted.

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Jesus Christ, what do you guys want from a documentary focused on his last season? Let’s talk about his marriage problems? No thanks. Would you guys want them talking about yours? This notion that the entire documentary should’ve been negative shit keeps getting pushed by Pistons fans and LeBron stans.

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LeBron’s documentary needs entire episodes about his hairline and Delonte West banging his mom. Kobe’s needs to talk exclusively about rape allegations and him throwing Shaq under the bus to the police afterwards. You guys act like MJ was so mean to people and yet all you do on this site is talk shit.

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You act like it’s shocking that players did coke in the 80s. The whole league pretty much did.

Example: Your dad played with MJ. You tell all your co workers to tune in to watch the last dance. He’s going to be mentioned. 20 minutes into the episode… MJ questions your dad and the other teammates will to win, tells a story of them doing weed, coke and other drugs with women, and says that he took over the team because they were able to see very quickly that he was just better. Now when people question why MJ didn’t win as a rookie… he can just say he played with the traveling cocaine circus.

sounds good to me

“Hey son, maybe you shouldn’t watch that. Your dad had a crazy past”


He keeps bringing that up over and over. They asked him a question about it, he didn’t bring it up himself. And he didn’t name anybody. We got three threads of this shit now.

Actually I thought I was the only one who noticed this. I thought this doc was gonna show some more personal stuff of going through that season. Has nothing to do with GOAT talk, I was just more curious about his personal life I guess. His kids weren’t even on till the last episode. I thought that was weird.


You don’t have to highlight someone’s negative problems. People that need negativity will look them up and find them. No matter how well received something is there will always be a crowd that disapproves. I’m sure a coalition will get together to make a documentary about everything negative with MJ. Nobody will care but the people that need that.

Or maybe Hey son there were members on the team that did drugs. 3 players in particular, but just like MJ I said No to drugs, but don’t worry about all the Twitter people calling your dad an addict because MJ said the whole team was doing drugs in the hotel room. “Traveling Cocaine circus”

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He laughed when they said that, he didn’t say it himself. And clearly it was no secret.

Yeah irresponsible and a snitch move.

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That story has literally been around since the 80s, you guys are just trolling. Here’s a Chicago Tribune story about it from fucking 1986.

Are you Isiah Thomas? always trying to smear mj, like he personally did something to you

You mean MJ is trying to smear Isiah Thomas’s image. One guy didn’t shake hands with Michael Jordan after the game so MJ allegedly kept him off the dream team and still holds a grudge against him to this day. I’m not trying to smear MJ’s image. I just don’t agree with a lot of the things that he does and says. It may be painful for MJ fans to read, but it is what it is. IT hasn’t said anything to smear MJ’s image. He just said that Lebron, Bird and Kareem are better than him. It’s just his opinion. Paul Pierce doesn’t even have Lebron in his Top 5 and they were rivals as well.

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It has a reason for not liking mj, you do not(that I know of). Nothing you have posted really seems that bad to me, obviously some players are going to say bad things about other players. But that’s like you or me not getting along with some co workers, it happens in every job.

One of my other favourite all time athletes is tiger woods, definitely could dig up dirt on him, and there’s a bunch of players that don’t like him, but was (is) a killer competitor. So rare in sports that someone has the combination of talent, work ethic and win at all costs mentality

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Yeah because every Sunday night I looked forward to hearing about a basketball player’s many women and his marriage problems instead of his basketball talent and dominance.