The JR Smith experience summary

Nuff said


@Fokus_XG same for you?

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Main reason I didn’t lock. Cards that OP this early are a waste for me. I wanna play the game lol

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Aren’t you struggling to beat golds? Something doesn’t add up.


You tried it clown I won’t struggle to beat you. Throw some bread up or keep your comments to yourself weird bum

Rubies for sure.

No reason for you two to be rude and disrespectful. I made a post right before I commented here covering that very topic. I would appreciate not being trolled

So you’re just trolling. Got it.

Excuse me?

I’m pretty sure you are breaking a rule by randomly trolling me

I was very specific in my next gen assessment. I specifically said on current gen I am elite and on next gen I was struggling. You making that comment was extremely ignorant because you never even specified a gen.

And for the record I’ve made a post detailing my current status on next gen. So instead of being a weird clown and randomly stalking me thread to thread if you have an issue DM me or challenge me to a game but do not direct that type of bigotry towards me on a public post again weirdo.

Boom roasted.

Lol can’t find matches as easy on Next Gen, but yeah the Steph/JR combo is a bit much for most.

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Are we allowed to call
People obscenities via DM? Like can we get banned for what happens in a dm

technically mods cant ban you for anything in dms unless you invite them to the chat

So then if I send this clown a DM on how I really feel and he invites a mod I’m done

WizardsFan just leave it you are good.

Bruh, Steph, jr, cam, Zion and Blake is just WAY too op for people. I feel bad playing with this line up.


This is a result of having them 3 on the floor at once

It’s basically impossible to stop unless you’re a defensive God.

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I’m having basically the same experience on next gen lol, shit is too fun, I’m only missing Blake but he should be home here soon now that I have all the JR locks to knock XP out.