The Insanity of No Added Badges To EVOs (plus Mel Daniels opinions)

When this entire game this year is based around adding badges of your choice to cards, the fact that you can’t add any badges to EVOs is incredibly frustrating.

Take DM Mel Daniels for example. I just got the Opal and was excited to EVO him since the DM looks pretty beastly.

However…he can’t get either Flexible Release or Stop & Go. These are 2 key badges for Current Gen in my opinion.

I mean, most new RUBIES and AMYs already have these badges and I can’t put them on a friggin DM after dozens of hours of grinding for him? So ridiculous!

DM Mel owners - how noticeable is it that he’s missing these two badges?


Also no Deadeye. Kinda rough considering the grind it takes to get him and then Evo him


I am complete agree with you.

Evos without capabilities of add badges is a big mistake.

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EVOs have always sucked, I was in shambles after EVOing Elgin Baylor early in the year. He’s a ruby in an opal wrapper

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Next Gen he only needs Deadeye but his other shooting badges help. Easily a top 5 Center. Not being able to add badges to EVO cards is horrible.


Wheres the best place to grind out the blocks I only have 7 to go

The 2015-17 spotlight sim. The second game is against sapphire pat bev, ruby Kyle Lowry, and emerald trey burke. Easiest blocks you’ll come across.