The Hype on Lebron winning MVP is real

Hey guys , red here and there that the journalists that vote the Mvp are strongly considering the 35 years old that lead the West after a year without PO and lead the league in assists averaging crazy numbers for his age , Lebron ofc … Giannis was the favorite , everybody believed that the race was over , Giannis is averaging better numbers than last year leading the league and flirting with the 70wins but apparently Lebron is not done yet … what you think ?


Lebron doesn’t chase the MVP award, so I doubt he cares. But the hype is real tho

I was pro Giannis for MVP but after hearing these VERY valid points my mind has changed



Lebron Haters are delusional. If he wins it, they will say the nba is rigged and they aren’t watching anymore… if he loses they will celebrate and call Bron washed.


It’s close this year if lebron keeps this streak up and giannis misses more time down the line than lebron really could steal it, especially if bucks continue to lose more.

The guy in this video is definitely delusional, but idk about a hater of Lebron. The points he made have nothing to do with winning an MVP lol

Lebron doesn’t care about MVP, he cares about winning a title.

Personally I think what Giannis is doing is beyond amazing, but remember last season against the Raptors, they held him to 22.7pts on 40% that series. I’m still not a believer in the Bucks in the postseason, and I standby the notion that the Raptors/Heat are going to find a way to contain Giannis in the playoffs.

Lebron might win MVP just cause of the narrative, he’s 35 and we still haven’t seen him at his peak performance yet. Lebron can easily average 30.1pts a game, but instead he’s letting his teammates get the shine as well. I still believe playoff Lebron will be a different beast this season, he’s clearly going all in for that ring and I’m in for it.

If Lebron does win it this year just look at it as a a award he probably should have won at the very least 3 more times in the past but they gave it to other players. I honestly think Giannis is going to win it .

Lebron doesn’t care. The Lakers can win a championship. That’s 100x better than another MVP.

It’s still


I couldn’t care less who wins, but why do people keep saying ‘’LeBron doesn’t care’’? What makes you think Giannis ‘cares’ more? I’m sure he wants a ring just as badly, MVP is just a bonus for your regular season efforts. There are massive expectations for him to win the Bucks a ring, and it’s an even bigger deal for the Bucks franchise as a whole. If they don’t at least make the finals Giannis might leave, and it’s not like you come across a player of his caliber every season.

Bet the vote will be close based on the media and L.A. hype, stats wise got to be Giannis I think, has no teammate like ad, better record, split the season series heads up and stats are top 10 nba all time level, some of the shit he’s done hasn’t happened since like wilt

Giannis wants that title, already got mvp, doesn’t work his ass off every day to win a popularity contest

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Love how the Stans are using the “he doesn’t care” (btw, funny that you heed everything he says as true) argument to pathetically try to downplay how upset they will be when he loses. It’s almost like they’re using this argument to try and further the case for him being MVP.

Dude has a silly ego and cares more about himself than the game. Of course he wants MVP — his contract actually may have money in it for him if he does.

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If you watch the Bucks you can clearly see Giannis wants it.

LeBRon should have 3 more than he does.

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These 2 games got some voters to lock him in for sure. Now Giannis is hurt and the Lakers could end up with the leagues best record. Well well well.


LeBron would need 3 more performances similar to Sunday and Giannis would need to miss more then 2 games for lebron to win MVP

Just off numbers and team record giannis basically a lock to win it. Although lebron definitely is playing in the tougher conference and the lakers don’t exactly have the same chemistry since they got several new players this season. He’s also 35 and leading the league in assists so it’s not like he doesn’t deserve to be in the voting he definitely does but giannis is just playing out of his mind so.
Giannis might not have Anthony Davis but that can also help his case in terms of his averages. All in all giannis deserves it but lebron ain’t fair behind for sure.

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